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That Feeling is a Sexually transmitted disease that raises the sex drive of the carrier by a factor of the square root of infinity.

Carriers of this disease will fornicate with anything within 10 feet, until their genitalia is literally worn away to nothingness. The psychological nature of That Feeling cause the carrier to instantaneously forget anyone they porked (see Bill Clinton), then be eaten from the inside out by their own ravenous semen.


Hmm, gee, this is a hard one... if you feel like your own sperm is eating you from the inside out, and your penis is harder than a priest in a playground, chances are you're getting that feeling. Either that or you're the pope and your little guys are protesting about lack of fulfilment in the workplace.


Most of the time, a doctor will treat a case of that feeling by RUNNING THE FUCK AWAY. That or antibiotics, whatever's good.

What To Do[edit]

When you get 'that feeling' (and want sexual healing, sexual), the most important thing to do is to not be alone. You will have sex with ANYONE WITHIN 10 FEET. If there's no one else around, that leaves only one choice. Then next thing you know you recieve a letter nine months later and you're fathering a child to yourself. It just isn't worth it.

Precautionary Measures[edit]

Prevention is better than cure, so with that in mind here are a few tips to help you live with your... erm... 'condition'.

  • Lop off your nads. This is the first step to living with that feeling. This can be daunting for a lot of men, but hey, it seems to be working out fine for Hugh Jackman.

“Fuck you.”

~ Hugh Jackman on That Last Statement
  • Get married. The number one way to definitely shrink any mans sex drive to sub-zero levels. Not the cool kind of sub-zero that ruins Scorpions shit every time, the bad kind that just means really really low.
  • Turn homo. It's a lot harder to anally rape than it is to spring up (literaly) on a woman. The downside to this is that you actualy have to stick your penis into a man. Not that there's anything wrong with that.


~ John Howard on Homo's

Sufferers of That Feeling[edit]

These people live with that feeling day to day, and i'll bet you didn't even know you ignorant fuck!