That Time I Failed My Spelling Test

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so git thiss, leik i is ate skool rite, n thier dis t3st happnin fo todais lessn k? it on sp3link rite? n s!nc3 i is teh greetst n00b pwnrer alve rite? i cood leik tottly pwn ths t3st. eres wot happnd

o noes i iz like faild.

teh leik fu(kn t33cha[edit]

i got dis t33cha hoo leik fu(kin hates m3 rite bekoos i leik pwn him al teh time in cla55 rite n hees leik al angri at i and i hav leik ├╝ber skool m!cro so he is leik a totl n00b. so he givs me dis test rite and is all leik "do it" and stuf leik that and im leik "k s!nce i leik gona pwn it 2 da max leik dat test was actin all leik n00bish and im just leik "i am all leik pro test so u dont hav a chnce b!tch" and so i strt teh test and leik it trns owt dat teh test is leik, pro aswel so i is leik undaestimatin him but i pwn all teh time so im leik pro aswel.

m s0 h4pee ryt n0w5 omg i g0ts 2 w3r da (4p nd gwn


dis kwestyen is leik all up in my f4ce[edit]

so im leik doin the test and it leik strts 2 pwn me and im leik "fu(k how iz i7 leik so goud all of a sudin wen i7 waz leik n00bish be4 and i strt fitink bak and stuf and leik it is all leik "no" so im leik "fu(k off b!tch sin(e i am leik teh b3st a7 sp3link and teh test i5 leik n00b but th3n its leik "fu(k u pwnmasta_24 i pwn ani1 hu duz me and im leik "fu(k"

th3n i leik ge7 teh fu(kin test bak[edit]

th3n i leik ge7 teh fu(kin test bak and i75 leik "i pwnd u n00b" and im leik "how cood dis happin, i is leik teh pro and teh t357 is leik teh n00b bu7 i7 i5 no7 leik dat animor sin(e i fu(kin failed and dat t33cha is wy sin(e i awais pwn him s0 i gess i75 leik justis and stuf since leik u cant aways pwn and sumtims teh atha gys can leik pwn aswel and im leik fu(k dat 7357 waz leik, pro

da fuchur[edit]

i gottd beta at spelding nd i r stil fail an i dnt no y it mke no cense i r rely confuzed and r stil gud at spel but i no idea y i fail help i r kewl and da test stil own me

but i iz 1uky nd sumh0w i garudated lzt y3r nd it wz totly awsum omg m s0 1uky

c al50[edit]

*leik teh fu(kin yak rtikel iz leik pro.
*and teh fu(kin yuky doody rtekel i rly liek