That time I was nearly eye-raped by An Article Written by Somebody that Didn't Read How To Be Funny And Not Just Stupid: A Retrospective during my sojourn into Uncyclopedia

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It looked kinda like this, but more huge.

Dude, that fucking thing was brilliant. Like, WTF?

So there I was[edit]

looking at some content in this Uncyclopedia thing, wondering why this fucking thing even has content in the first place. I mean, why do they friggin' call it a content-free encyclopedia anyway? Am I right? ...*anticlimactic silence*...

So I click on some links. Like, hyperlink n00b shit.

and this fucking Pee Review[edit]

bursts out onto the screen, geek formatting all over the place, and instead of embarrassing the lame author of this article, he freaking praises the shit for its ingenuity.

: {{{{{#sub:HCPIM|0|1}}comment}}}
: {{{{{#sub:HCPIM|1|1}}comment}}}
: {{{{{#sub:HCPIM|2|1}}comment}}}
: {{{{{#sub:HCPIM|3|1}}comment}}}
: {{{{{#sub:HCPIM|4|1}}comment}}}
Final Score: 43.5375 Outstanding work! You've created one of the great postmodern artworks of our generation. One day, historians will note this page as part of a rising trend in Western literature. However, if you nominate it for VFH, I will vote against it.
Reviewer: talk 16:38, 21 August 2008 (UTC)

so I pulled out my[edit]

pen and started writing this mindblowing review[1] of this review by this Hyperbole guy[2], and it tries to mount me in the eyes! WTF?


I barely got away with a major AGH MY EYES and some nasty seizure.

No, seriously. It nearly eye-raped me.

But then I saw this image.

And that's no hyperbole.

Man, I tell ya, that wasn't rape. It was fucking sexual intercourse like you wouldn't believe!


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