The Adventures of 50 Pounds & Cash Only

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The Adventures of 50 Pounds and Cash Only is a new Reality Show that consists of a girl named 50 Pounds; meaning 50 Cyprus Pounds ( $100 ) for whatever you want and a boy named Cash Only; meaning Cash Only. Cash Only does not accept any checks for the night. Together they terrorize friends and the area around them. The show is currently in its first season and has high ratings. In fact, so many people love the show that it has been signed to a second season.

The People[edit]

50 pounds cannot state her real name because she does not have any other nicknames. Therefore, the following three sentences will be about Cash Only. Cash Only's real name is Gazza-J. He got his nickname from a belt he bought downtown down yonder which said "Cash Only" on the belt buckle. Gazza-J loved this and decided to use this name for himself instead of his previous names which included: Beach Boy, Tequila Boy and Shitface. The newest member of this prostitution group is Night Rider. Night Rider was chosen out of the 300 people who auditioned to be a top prostitute. Night Rider will be featured in the second season of the TV reality show. A new TV show name is in the works since a new member has been added.

TV Reality Show[edit]

The first season mostly contains episodes of 50 Pounds and Cash Only annoying and terrorizing their good friend Timmy Timmy and rearranging furniture setups in the compound they live in. To this date, no one knows it was 50 Pounds and Cash Only terrorizing the compound. "Our superawesomekool show is almost like Ashton Kutcher's Punk'd show, only in our show the people we are "punking" knows we are doing it the whole time." says Cash Only about his hit show. 50 Pounds hopes that the second season would include more risk taking and hopes to actually have adventures. "the only highlights of our show is the terrorizing of Timmy Timmy's house and finding an empty bottle of Tequila."

America's Next Top Prostitute[edit]

Both 50 Pounds and Cash Only have been looking for a third wheel in their group. So they created a side-project called "America's Next Top Prostitute". There were over one thousand contestants for this. A winner was recently chosen to fill in the spot for the third wheel. America's Next Top Prostitute goes by the name of Night Rider. Based on all the challenges that the contestants had to take, Night Rider was mostly known for not having any change for her customers.

50 Pounds and Cash Only have received several letters asking and pleading for a second season of America's Next Top Prostitute. Both 50 and Cash have released statements stating that there will only be a second season if any of the group members need to be replaced after being infected with HIV.

Waiting lists are available at their website: for personal biographies please visit [1]