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The Airport 2 DVD cover for PC.

The Airport 2 is a real life computer game developed by an American game developer named æ Games and released by the same company. The multi-billion business was previously called EA Games, but, whatever. Contrary to the name of the game, The Airport 2 is actually the first sequel, and there is no such thing as The Airport: The Game. It was released in Winter 2007 and since then, the game has not made its way to the top 100 games of all times. Since its creation in the year 2000, The Airport 2 has several unique features, and can be played on numerous platform, such as Windows, Macintosh, Linux and Unix. Some computer nerds even developed something platform something something so it can be played on an iPod and other MP3 players.

As being said before, the game is a real life game, incorporating the usual activities at an airport, from the beginning, which is the drop-off zone until the custom's office zone. The player needs to get though all obstacles so that the player can enter the plane (the correct plane) safely.

The game has received a number of praises, although it is outnumbered by the number of criticisms. The World Game Leader, AAA, the person who scored 999,999 on every PacMan game said, "The game sucks, I've played that zillion times."




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