The Arthropod Kingdom

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The Arthropod Kingdom is a domain of eukaryotic life that is a tributary state of the Animal empire. It's origin can be traced back to the cambriolithic period, when a dissident faction of the Nematode Republic split off to form its own independent state based off of the lofty ideals of segmented appendages and a miraculous material known as chitin (which the nematodes thought to be legendary). This revolution was of course a part of the Great Edicarian Sundering, in which the various worms that held dominion over the world at the time were challenged by idealists within their own respective nations.

Early Development[edit]

The early days of independence were quite trying for the Arthropod Kingdom, as the arthropod biotechnicians had not yet developed a cheap and efficient method for mass-producing chitin. This forced the downtrodden arthropods into the underground until chitin manufacturing methods could be perfected. However, once this lofty goal was achieved, arthropod supremacy was quickly demonstrated. No other kingdom could penetrate their durable chitin bio-armor. By the end of the cambriolithic, the world was unquestionably in the hands of the Arthropod Kingdom.

Current Situation[edit]

While technically still the most powerful kingdom within the Animal Empire, the prominence of the arthropods has been somewhat diminished by the technically accomplished Vertebrate Protectorate. The elite hominoids of the protectorate find the arthropods to be most vile, and are waging a constant struggle to eradicate them. Despite the best efforts of the hominoids, the arthropods remain unfazed by the vertebrate offensive. However, the small barbs on the end of their buttocks have been cut off by vertebrate and sold for ten pounds each to the Wal-Mart corpse-oration, which is run by spineless BUNGHOLES!!!


Controversy has arisen over the exact origins and provenance of many Arthropods with one conspiracy theory proposing that most were genetically engineered by the Guttenbuggen Project in the early Twentieth Century. lalala