The Ballad of Luke and Leia

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"Incest is Best", by Obi-Wan Kenobi

Obi-Wan (to the audience):

Now listen as I tell you,
About these kids I know
They were born on Polis Massa,
But twins they didn't know
So some years later,
They met up in a hurry
She then met Chewbacca,
And saw he was so furry
Now she was in trouble,
You bet your ass that's true.
And the more he was around her,
His dick grew and grew and grew.
So to escape some baddies,
They swung across a chasm
Just holdinhg on his leg,
Gave her an orgasm.
He blew up the Death Star,
Bein' all brave.
And the more she saw him,
The more sex she craved.
Down on Yavin IV,
He was awarded,
A medal for his troubles,
And the threat he had thwarted.
She looked at him,
And he looked at her.
They smiled at one another,
Sister and brother.
Now Leia and Luke are lovers,
But they got the same mother.
As much as a Catholic priest molests,
Luke and Leia love incest.

Leia (to Luke):

My cells are same as your cells,
Your cells are same as mine.
If you don't mind me sayin',
I think your ass is fine.

Luke (to Leia):

You've got our Mummy's body
You've got our Daddy's eyes.
But where, oh, where did you get
Those breasts of such great size?