The Barney Bunch

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Poster for a Barney Bunch video

The Barney Bunch is a group of gay cartoon characters and celebrities who worship Drew Pickles, the gayest man alive. Their adventures have been made into hundreds of movies now available on YouTube. It is NOT the people who make the videos. They are called Barney Bunch (insert either Artists, Directors, Producers, Videomakers, etc)

The four major members of the Barney Bunch are Barney, Drew Pickles, Ronald McDonald the Penis Clown, and Dick the Clown. Other members include Cap'n Crunch, the Quaker Queer (the faggot on the oatmeal box), Justin Bieber,Clifford the big gay red dog, Ripper Roo, The Painter, Arthur, Blackheart, Grimace, James from Team Rocket, Gymbo the Swell Clown, Curious Geroge , Ned Flanders, Richard Spencer, Jared Fogle, and the singing Barack Obama doll. The Barney Bunch was rumored to be dead, but is still alive and well. The pedo Rights movement was started by the Barney Bunch, and one of the founders, John Wayne Gacy, a gay clown and murderer who is also the father of Ronald McDonald, Gymbo the Swell Clown, and Dick the Clown, who was thought of as a perverted serial killer before, is now looked on as an icon of gay pride thanks to the efforts of Barney, Drew Pickles, and his sons.

Drew Pickles, leader of the Barney Bunch


The Barney Bunch formed around 2005. The original members were Barney the Dinosaur, Drew Pickles, Ronald McDonald and Dick the Clown. It was created to combat the internet, and in 2007, it has succeeded. Drew Pickles and his boyfriend Barney rule the internet now under the iron cock of their overlord (and sex master) Fred Phelps. If you have seen the movie Bareback Mounting, you would guess that the Barney Bunch owns the entertainment industry too, and you would be right, since all of the good music like AC DC, Bon Jovi, Aerosmith, Lynyrd Skynyrd, etc. don't reach the top of the charts anymore, instead, gay retarded shit like Fall Out Boy, the Jonas Brothers and Miley Cyrus do.


In order to be a member of the Barney Bunch, you must be a homosexual pedo fag with a very long cock and enough gayness to make Richard Simmons look like Chuck Norris.


Barney owns Newgrounds

Barney, age 2 Billion, is the first recorded gay rights advocate. He was hatched around 2,000,000,000 BC, and is the only dinosaur to survive the meteor, meaning he has no more gay dinosaurs to fuck. Millions of yers later, he met Drew Pickles. They got so gay they formed the Barney Bunch with two gay clowns Drew Pickles knew, The Penis Clown, and his brother Dick the Clown. He is a terrorist, pedophile, and president of NAMBLA.

Drew Pickles[edit]

Drew Pickles is the gayest man in the world, and he has a 300 mile long cock. He is gay, and is the owner of the Barney Bunch. He was raised by a gay dad (that's why there was no grandma in Rugrats before Lulu came along, "Trixie" was a fucking MYTH) and was expelled from kindergarten for raping the other students. He is the owner of Drew's Pizza. His food is popular with gay men because he uses sperm in the pizza dough instead of water. He is Barney's boyfriend and registered sex offender in 37 states, Canada, and Puerto Rico. He is a famous gay porn star, and has starred in 100 gay pornos, winning 4 Wilde Awards for best gay porn movie.

Ronald McDonald[edit]

Ronald McDildo promotional toy

McDonalds mascot Ronald McDonald has a very dark secret: he is gay, and his full name is Ronald McDonald Better Known as The Penis Clown. his brother, Dick the Clown, is also a member of the Barney Bunch. His live-in boyfriend, Tony Romo, describes him as a gay, perverted, pedo-penisclown with a big boner, hence the name. He is one of the four founding members of the Barney Bunch, a pioneering if a bit radical gay rights activist and a lobbyist for the McDonalds corporation.

Dick the Clown[edit]

Dick the Clown is the much less famous but equally gay brother of Ronald the Penis Clown and son of John Wayne Gacy. He has a 400 foot penis, and he masturbates to the Jonas Brothers and Barney all the time. He is a fugitive on the FBI's 10 most wanted list for being the leader of an extremist gay-rights organization known as the Purple Prancing Rainbow Pussies, responsible for bombing over 71519 straight-rights conventions.

John Wayne Gacy[edit]

John Wayne Gacy, serial killer, clown, and pedophile, was the father of Ronald McDonald the Penis Clown and Dick the Clown. He was arrested and executed for a lot of counts of rape and murder while the Barney Bunch was just beginning. However, if he didn't have sex with Lindsay Lohan twice, there would be no Barney Bunch because Dick the Clown and Penis Clown would have never been born. His ghost is gay with Tom Cruise and has starred in 100 adult films along with Barney.

The Jonas Brothers[edit]

Welcome to Jonas's Jobs (Hand- or blow-). Anyone claiming to have had gay sex with Drew Pickles gets a discount

The Jonas Brothers are not actually brothers, but instead gay threesome buddies. They met Barney and Drew Pickles at a gay bar in San Francisco where they had gay sex on the floor. They are so gay, all of their songs are on both Gaydar Hero and Cock Band. Their music sucks Dick the Clown's dick. Every band in the world is better and straighter than them. They are starring in their own gay rights themed MTV show, Camp Cock, since their manufactured, generic, gay music can't be called real rock.

Chris Crocker[edit]

Chris Crocker is gay and obsessed with Britney Spears. But in reality he/she/it is dating Ronald McDonald. He/she/it has been a member of the Barney Bunch since 2005, when his first gay porno, "Leave Britney Alone: Goatse Remix" debuted on YouTube. He is currently (and unfortunately) the boss of the Internet, which is sad, since Crocker's videos are the worst in the world, and the gayest too, but they all have more views and subscriptions than just about anyone better. He was arrested getting drunk and running around in public masturbating, while wearing only a Dick the Clown mask. The surveillance video of the scene on YouTube has over a billion views.

Richard Spencer[edit]

Richard Bertrand Spencer is a gay Nazi with a symbolic haircut. He has a punching fetish and uses tiki torches as dildis. In December 2016, Jennifer Lawrence cut both of his testicles off for not only being a white male, but also a strong advocate of Barney Bunch identity. As a result, Richard Spencer went to Drew Pickles to get new testicles, and due to the fact that Drew Pickles is proud of him, he made them bigger so that he can hold more sperm for Barney Bunch orgasms.

Barney Bunch Videos[edit]

The Barney Bunch videos can be seen from these following YouTube accounts, as well as others that are'nt listed.