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The Berzerker were the first of many bands to daringly fuse the genres of jazz, ska, techno and death metal. Their lineup consists of guitarist and vocalist Uncle Timmy (real name unknown), bassist Xasthur and saxophonist Dani Filth. As well as successfully achieving the aforementioned genre fusion which sparked the flow of bands copying their style, they also hold the Guiness World Record for being the band who have changed their genre and name simultaneously more than any other since they were formed back in 1989.

In 1987, The Berzerker was known as Uncle Timmy's Crazy Party Band, at which point they were a death metal two-piece consisting of Uncle Timmy and Dani Filth. In 1989, they hired Xasthur to play bass for them, and it was him who put forward the idea to include techno basslines in their music, at which point they became known as a death metal/techno three-piece playing under the name Mad Uncle Timmy's Banging Bassline Brigade. In 1991, Dani Filth suggested some funky jazz beats be incorporated into their songs in time for their th album. As a result, they gained a reputation for being what they are today - a jazz/ska/death metal/techno group playing under yet another name - Fuck Shit Cock Zerk, which somehow inexplicably became The Berzerker.

Much confusion arose at the time over the name The Berzerker - although the band appeared to be three people, the name was singular and therefore implied that The Berzerker was a one man band.

Discography and samples[edit]

Samples of their music can be found here and here and here and here but not here or here and certainly not here

Albums created under the name Uncle Timmy's Crazy Party Band:

Crazy Anthems For The New Generation (1987)
More Crazy Anthems For The Even Newer Generation (1988)

Albums created under the name Mad Uncle Timmy's Banging Bassline Brigade:

Mad Anthemz Fo Da Undaground Generation! Mixed by MC Dani Filth (1989)
More Mad Anthemz Fo Da Neo Gen! Mixed by MC Dani Filth (1990)
Fuck You! Mixed by MC Dani Filth (1990)
Let's Have Hard Sex! Mixed by MC Dani Filth ft. DJ Xasthur (1990)

Albums created under the name Fuck Shit Cock Zerk:

Visceral Autopsy (1991)
I Wanna Do Some Brutal Things So Brutal I Can't Even Say Them Because Children May Be Listening (1991)
Don't Fuck With Me, I'll Twist Your Nuts Off (1992)
Evil Shit (1992)
People I Care About(1993)
Flowers (1996)
Ouch (1998)
Putrid Socially Inept Zombies (2000)
These Are Actually Starting To Sound Like Real Album Names Now (2001)

Albums created under the name The Berzerker:

Fuck Fuck Fuck (2002)
Shit Shit Shit (2004)
Give Me Some Love... In The Eye (2010)
No, Seriously, Do It (APOCALYPSE LOL)
The Apocalypse Didn't Fucking Happen, So Fuck The Mayan Calendar (2013)
Wanky Wank Wank (2014)