The Bickett

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Habitat and Food Sources

Lives in the safari and thrives off of worms and lava. He must bury himself deep underground to stay away from the oodles or else they would eat him.

Sex for Bickett

It is an a-sexual animal, so it does not need a female to reproducs. It's babies are born after five weeks and come from the anus. However painful it may be, this wonderful animal can handle it.

Body of a Bickett

The Bickett is slimy and frequently leaks green snot from its mouth. The slime is to help mobilize a little better. On the inside he is composed of almost everything a normal animal has. The few exceptions are that he has no skeleton and an oversized heart.

Bickett's Birthday Today, April 22nd is the bickett's birthday. There are no real traditions normally, but since this blob of a guy is so wonderful he has hundreds of friends. Today they will celebrate Bickett's birthday by transforming him. Now he can finally be something other than a blob fish. You cannot judge a bickett from his outer shell, no mater how gross, but you must meet it. So now he shall evolve into...

Now no one can turn it away.

My Favorite Bickett

My favorite animal in the whole world has to be Bickett because after about 150 years it becomes a beautiful man. It is warm and very cuddly. You should invest in one yourself... just don't take mine!!

Haha happy birthday bickett