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The Blob is probably the most popular Mars Mite in history. It was so famous that Irvin S. Yeaworth Jr. decided to make a film about it.

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History and Life Story[edit]

The Blob originally came from Mars where it was a simple, hard working citizen of the Mars Mite community. In the year 1869 he took a short break to the nearby planet Earth, this is where he came into contact with a small western town in the United States. Unfortunately The Blob's Visa ran out at the end of that year, but he was very reluctant to leave. He spent 50 years living in his secluded ranch until he began to adventure out. At the sight of this thick, brown pastey stuff, anyone who saw him would usually run for their lives. The Blob did not like this at all, so one time he tried to give one of the earthlings a friendly "hug", this did not go as planned, and soon he had a reputation for consuming whole humans. This resulted in him being hunted, and his weakness exposed. For before hand he had had a nasty experience with a fire extinguisher which caused him to be intolerant to anything below the temperature of 10 degrees. About a year after he had gone into hiding again, The Blob was finally captured by the Russian spies where he was taken to The Arctic and left for dead...

The Truth[edit]

What actually happened after that fateful day the public were never to know. Though a small document found in the Hexagon contains the real truth.

Apparently The Blob was seized from it's frozen state by creatures of the arctic, commonly refered to as The Arctic Monkeys. The monkeys transported The Blob to England after hijacking many explorers trying to get the World Record in Arctic Snow Eating. In England, The Blob was welcomed by the people though quickly died of small pox, a lot like Pocahontas. He was given a fair burial and now a small stone marks his grave in a small cemetery in Berkshire. As for the monkeys, they had to make a living somehow, so they resorted to the music business. However, their talentless performances are not going to get them far so they may well return to the arctic soon.