The Boogeyman

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“ Worms? Fucking Worms?”

~ Oscar Wilde on The Boogeyman

“ I once knew about worms but worms wormed out.”

~ The Boogeyman on ? i dont know what he was on but it must have been good

“The Boogeyman isn't real he's just a fictional character that is made to be disgusting and scary.”

The BooGAYman is a current WWE star. He thought WWE stood for, "World's Worm Eaters", so he signed up ASAP. Soon to find out that the WWE was not an organization for worm eating he was about to quit, until he realised he was no quiter

"I hate running away from things I haven't tried before." said the Boogeyman in an interview with Bill Clinton and Darth Gayder." Ever since I went on my Wormkin's Diet, I lost all hope in all my dreams. I heard the initails WWE and I was excited, but it wasn't what I expected. Still, it is a hell of a ride, and I get paid well. 30 pounds of worms each match. I'm making a living off this stuff."

Early Years[edit]

Boogeyman grew up named Charles Orgynia. He didn't have normal parents, or family. He grew up with 2 fathers, 3 moms, an asian genius(which was his twin cousin), 3 emo kids, 5 monkeys, and had a sister with 9 STDs who raised mutant worms. Most of those STDs came from the monkey named King Thong. They all lived in a small house in San Fransisco, California. They had been evicted from 47 apartments and almost hit bankruptcy until the asian got a career in video game design for Ubisoft after their 35th house. Boogeyban left ECW to work at McDonalds to promote worms.

ITV news career[edit]

The Boogeyman was also known for working with the UK news at ten with Trevor McDonald but he was later fired for biting Elton John's penis off ( That is why Elton is homosexual ) Boogeyman soon found brilliant work BBC radio two but he is currently under the idenity of Terry Wogan so people can't arrest him for the attemped murder of Elton John.

Wormkin's Diet[edit]

When Charles hit the age of 23, he was at his local skatepark with his friends sipping some beer, and smoking some crack. When he wiped out on an ollie (wow), he face planted on the ground. He then noticed he swallowed near a dozen of worms and found a flag that had a symbol of a burning Mexican. Underthat it had text. It said this: Wormkin's Organization of Worm Mercenaries. At that moment, he felt the joy of the worms and how they tasted. Late that night, he found out that the flag was a symbol for 550 years of torcher to Mexicans. Apparentely, they were planning a full invasion on Mexico in 3 months. But thanks to Charles, the Mexicans were safe to live another day.

He then realised he lost a pound after that meal. Just to let you know, Charles was bit overweight and he weighed in at 467 pounds. He wondered, 'If I eat at least 100 worms a day, I will lose just enough pounds to get back in shape and maybe get a shot at losing my virginity. So, he invented the Wormkin's Diet. He had many followers, must of them were local gays that didn't get any action because they were too fat. He went on the diet for 8 years and became fit and was a successful man in the WWE.He later starred in playboy and play girl magazines unclothed but with worms over his penis.