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This page contains profuse whining. Proceed with caution.

The Boondocks is a cartoon television show on an adult channel called adult swim that tries to educate little white kids that they are inferior to blacks. It currently holds the world record for the most use of the word nigga on television. The Boondocks was orignally a comic strip, however, it was tricked out with gun battles, prostitues, and some ghetto martial arts.


The Boondocks is a continuation of the cartoon show Code: LYOKO.Black LYOKO fans were mad and they made the show to "make those niggas happy" (hence the use of the word in Boondocks). Just look at the animation style and you see that they are very similar. (This animation style is considered merely a foolish attempt by French-American slaves to copy anime however, it is a total pwnage.) Instead of 5 degenerate prostitutes and a virtual hooker who try to be like Bill Gates and Power Rangers, the show's main characters are three African-Americans who live in a totally white neighborhood and don't ever stop complaining about it. This animation style was invented when they asked Black Barney to create a unique style of anime and then, they reflected that style of drawing on a mishaped mirror and used the reflection for the basis of the animation. This probably explains why the boondocks is the lowest form of anime on earth and why the characters have more of a forehead than they do a face. TRUE anime fans will kill you if you even call this anime, even though TRUE anime fans consider The Proud Family real anime.

The series centers around the lives of the three black people in the Freeman family in the community of Woodcrest. These Men are Free to women anytime and that's how they got their name. But the sad thing is they never get. The kids are all 10 or under and they seem watch alot of porn, violence, and rap. So if these kids all have big heads then why are they all so stupid to fuck themselves up?

Main Characters[edit]

  • Huey Freeman: A misbehaved, and a foul-mouthed kid who already has the urge for gold and platinum jewelry but can't get any because they cost too much. Therefore he expects Tom DuBois, Quincy Jones, and sometimes Santa Claus to all this work. He believes himself to be a cold-blooded gangsta but everyone knows that he has nothing. He speaks with a retarded Black-Al Sharpton accent
  • Riley Freeman: A troublemaking, and a foul-mouthed kid who already has the urge for platinum jewelry but can't get any because they cost too much. Therefore he expects Santa Claus to all this work. He believes himself to be a hardcore gangsta but everyone knows that he has nothing. He speaks with a retarded Black-Al Sharpton accent.
  • Granddad/Robert Freeman: the youngest of the Freeman, Granddad has retired in the white-bread community of Woodcrest after centuries of work as a professional ass-wiper.
  • Uncle Ruckus: An extremist civil rights advocate, Uncle Ruckus supports the genocide of all white people. His pure, unrelenting hatred of whites stems from heavy use of cocaine. He realizes his addiction and now hates anything white. This portrays that fact that you try to hate whites but you know you need them.
  • Quincy Jones: A useless character with the dumbest name ever. He fucked a pencil sharpener once.
  • Jazmyn DuBois: Also know as "Rich stubborn, raucous, and a foul-mouthed criminal who always gets what ever she wants and she is Huey's girlfriend but Riley's friend". Jasmine is constantly trying to talk to Huey into having sex in some Season 2 episodes with her and without telling anyone her relationship with Huey. They only had sex in 5 different Season 1. She is basically the only female character on the show, and is always trying to score some action with someone (especially Huey's former friend Cairo). She has said the word "nigga" a total of 728,537 times. Unlike Huey and Riley, which Riley used the word "nigga" a total of 783,955 times and Huey used the word "nigga" a total of 803,945 times. Jazmyn is strongly influenced by gangsta hip hop rap culture just like Huey and Riley and she claims she has been in different gang members but nobody believes her except the Freeman boys.


Season One[edit]

The Seaworld Trip[edit]

The Freeman clan takes a trip to Seaworld to prevent Huey from being driven insane by the overwhelming ignorance in Woodcrest. Riley somehow manages to end up shooting a rich man's son through a window, and Granddad pretends to be the landlord's friend to save money.

The Trial of Huey and Riley[edit]

White people get pissed at Riley and Huey after they made a rap song advocating the peeing on white people. They must go to court for "filthy talk", but is saved by their wigger lawyer Adam West. Also, Rosa Parks eats some chicken and Uncle Ruckus starts smelling white people.

Yo! Granddad wit a Ho![edit]

Granddad meets a white ho while buying some Ritalin, then marries her, then spends alll the money he hason her, but at the wedding Uncle Ruckus kills the bitch.

Granddad's fight[edit]

Granddad slays a thousand blind men when one of them looks at him cross-eyed. The word nigger is said 4,260,017,098 times.

The Real[edit]

Riley and Huey make a plan in order to get a pimped out car so they videotape thereself throwing bleach into Granddad's eyes so he could send it to Xzibit so he could pimp out his ride. However, Xzibit sees through them and destroys their house by rapping and using the car's laser.

The Return Of The King[edit]

After offering 1,000 souls to the dark lord Sauron, Robert is able to bring back Martin Luther King from the dead. Riley, Huey and Granddad then travel to Mount Doom to destroy an evil ring; Also, Oprah becomes president.

Let's Nab Oprah[edit]

Riley thinks Oprah is hot so he goes for it. However, Oprah is the most powerful being in the known universe. Huey manages to rescue him by sacrificing Shaft at an alter to Oprah.

The Block is Hot[edit]

Jazmyn decides to go into prostitution, and then learns a lesson in business when she is choked by Wayne Brady. Meanwhile, Uncle Ruckus becomes a police officer and decides to rob a bank and other small convenience stores.

A Huey Freeman Christmas[edit]

Huey makes a play about how white people suck, meanwhile, Riley is mad that he got coal for Christmas and decides to shoot people at the local mall. This episode was farely gay, due to the fact it was a Christmas special, which automatically means it will suck.

The Passion of Ruckus[edit]

A drug related hallucination causes Uncle Ruckus to believe he is the reincarnation of Jesus. After building a cult of loyal followers, Uncle Ruckus begins a campaign to kill all White People in a bloody genocide. He is only stopped when Original Jesus comes down from heaven and bitch-slaps him.

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