The Brave Little Toaster

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The Brave Little Toaster (original Japanese title: Valorous Appliance Go Go Go) is a 1987 animated movie produced and directed by the creator of the original novel, Aldophus B. Huxley. The story features a gay emo toaster called Toaster with his equally gay group of ordinary household appliances on a quest to find their Master, Ash Rectum.


  • Toaster - Voiced by Deanna Oliver. He is the leader of the group and is currently openly gay. His damn purpose is to make toast for his nerdy Master. Before the movie, Toaster had a bad steriod problem, which is why in the movie he sounds like a little girl. It was later addmitted by he Brave Little Toaster that he was in fact a nymphomaniac. He is currently shagging the hell out of your dad. Go check. Go!
  • Lampy - Voiced by Tim Stack. He is a stupid little yellow lamp who means well, but has the intelligence of a one-watt. His bulb has been rumoured to serve as a sexual device. In the film, when he is struck by lightning, he immediately becomes smarter than the group. In the end, he is beaten and flogged. Go figure, huh?
  • Kirby - Voiced by Thurl Ravenscroft. Big and strong. Overdoses on Toaster's steroids.
  • Blanky - Voiced by Timothy E. Day. A electric blanket with major issues. Best not to talk about it. He is also the object of Toaster's damn affection.
  • Radio - Voiced by Jon Lovitz. Just a stupid little insane radio who is addicted to Devo.

Symbolism of the Movie[edit]

  • We are all toasters. Our genitals are the toast. We can escape the Toast by putting knives in on Toasters (ourselves) or Bathing (Sexing) ourselves in the Bath (Free Will). The Butter is fate, spreading it on out genitals. The Jam is Funk which gives us a groovy beat in which to coat our Toastey Genitals with.
  • At the same time God is the Fork. He stabs the toast but if he stabs the Toaster he dies.
  • In the book God died 5 times. But you can't kill God.
  • Mr. T is spreading the jam and butter while God watches.
  • Technically Toasters do not make toast, they instead toast bread. There is a difference between toasting bread and making toast. There is actually no creation of anything when a toaster is used. Instead bread is cooked (toasted). Burning bread is greatly different than making something, which would involve a subatomic joining of particles, which is not possible to do with your standard everyday toaster. In fact even an industrial quality toaster is utterly unable to subatomically join particles to create any object, such as toast. Therefore toasters do not actually make anything, but instead they burn bread and cause a rather physical transformation from bread to toast. Unfortunately however, it is totally unknown how this happens. However it usually produces fine quality toast, or if you don't plug the toaster in the wall you just get your bread back.
  • The junkyard scene where the cars are mercilessly slaughtered, symbolizes (and supports) Elderly Euthenasia. The fact that the cars are killed for outliving their use in society clearly shows the producers of the movie support this idea.