The Chronic of Narnia

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Similar to The Ludes of the Rings, The Chronic of Narnia is a drug which you must travel to a dream-world of magic to get to. To take The Chronic of Narnia, you must first travel to a dream world of magic, where there are many lions who deal it. We all know that shit. But how do you get there? Some have reported that you can get there by checking mapquest, yahoo maps, but google maps is the best source for it. Back in the 1950s it was taken out of the dreamworld of magic and bookstores were even selling them. Soon, there were raids on these bookstores and you would have to travel to said dreamworld of magic, Narnia (it should not be confused with The Chronicles of Narnia, a serie of atheist books)

Detailed Instructions on How to Get The Chronic of Narnia[edit]

The Chronic of Narnia is accessible, in fact you can get to Narnia, by going the upper westside of New York City, then checking google maps to find the dopest route. It is often determined that you have to take a taxi to 68th and Broadway - make sure you tell the cabby to "step on it sucker". But we all know we can sneak into our mamma's room when she's sleeping, take 5, 10, maybe 20 dollars from her purse, run on down to 3rd street, catch the D bus downtown, and meet a Latin American fellow named Martinez, we know that! And we know Martinez's stuff is the bomb! You might want some cupcakes before hand. Snack attack motherfucker! Then you buy a ticket to The Chronicles of Narnia playing at the nearby theater. In that theater, the lion will give you the chronic of Narnia. They also have the best cup cake frostings in Narnia. Bakers Dozen! Also, There is a magical tree in Narnia that's very hard to find. It is known as The Weed Tree. The boy Digory had his first smoke there when he traveled to Narnia. Peter, Susan, and Edmund all got very sick from the weed. The White witch, also known as hilary clinton grows many of the weed trees on her lawn. she uses them to maintain control over the president, George W Bush. He has had an extreme addiction to the chronic since the late 60,s early 70's. He first was "turned on" to the chronic while hiding in a vietnamese hooch waiting for his daddy to come rescue him. when Bush Sr finally found little Georgie, he was eating his own feces babbling about ruling the world with his lover fidel castro. since then he has been a slave to the chronic of narnia and would do anything to anyone at anytime to get some. He even knocked down the world trade center looking for the hidden chronic of narnia that rumsfield and rice told him was hidden in the walls. later they told him that the terrorists had stolen it, named it bin laden and stashed it in iraq. since then he has been searching under every rock for bin laden because he is jonesing hard. on quiet nights, if you are near the white house you can hear him roaming the halls crying for chronic. Since January 09, there has been much hope that the Chronic will be legalized as the current president Barak Obama is an avid user. He usually indulges in a bong load of narnias finest chronic before appearing on television because he says it relaxes him, and it is from its sweet protective cloud that he makes most of his most stressfull decisions concerning our economy and our future.

Lawyer Alert[edit]

The preceding instructions are for entertainment purposes only.

How to take the Chronic of Narnia[edit]

They are many methods to take the chronic of Narnia. The most popular is to eat Red Vines and Mr. Pibb simultaneously right before ingesting the chronic of Narnia. Other methods include taking it off the back of a kitten, sniffing it off a hooker's chest, or the controversial method where you inject it into the kitten you are about to huff. The latter method, however, has been known to attract Grues and 13 year old sexualy confused chiwawas and is not recommended.


To get to narnia is not easy but you get there if you have the strengh fist you need to go to london down town then when you are there you need to go to the bar name the withes ask for a man name donald and tell him the hidden keyword THE PATH BEYONE A SEA OF DREAMS and he will tell you what to do nex to get there also you need money if you dont live in london but i been in narnia and is awesome so i live you to this if you belive me or not.