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The Church of Emo was spawned in April of the year 1975, at the prophesized birth of Christopher Ender Carrabba. His infantile screaming and crying continues even into today, filling the souls of bisexual teenage boys and horny, obese teenage girls.

Prophecies Fulfilled[edit]

The Prophet Carrabba would come to let all know him as Dashboard Confessional, a saintly name under which he would guide his chosen people, the Emos. After years of solitary meditation, crying, and cutting, he was ready to fulfill what the good book had prophesized.

He was then to guide his disciples, spreading the message of tears, doing a mediocre job dying cutting your own hair, and razorblades.

The Disciples[edit]


=Ryan Ross[edit]

Brendon Uries boyfren, loves cheez whiz

Brendon Urie[edit]

Ryan's boyfren, has a huge forehead

Gerard Way (also known as the Sheriff Of Emo Town)[edit]

Is a dad,so emo he just fell apart *sips facts not tea*

Tyler Joseph[edit]

Joshua Dun's fren

Joshua Dun[edit]

Tyler Joesph's fren

How to Join[edit]

be affected by G-note Be affected by Neon Gravestones and Leave the city Be affected by northern down pour be apart of the emo quartet read forest fic and milk fic do eyeliner better than pete wentz watch crankthatfrank have a wattpad account


popular people


Non believers are considered to be meanies, and are shunned by the Emo community. The meanies are usually unaware of this, however, because nobody pays attention to people without souls.


lots of eyeliner band merch of the emo quartet chokers fake piercings (or real)

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