The Compudome

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The Compudome is mankind's greatest invention since sliced bread. Towering over everything known to man, it is a startling sight to behold.


The Compudome is approximately 59,643 meters tall, making it about 59.643 kilometers tall. Because of the size, whoever built it must have had a huge penis. The Compudome is jet black, with neon lining and an extensive water cooling system that gets its water from Greenland.


The Compudome was created in 800 BC by the Egyptians, using alien technology they had received from the future. It was lost in 76 BC, only to be rediscovered in 1962. It was then put to use downloading animal porn until 1982 when it became a chess playing computer. Then, in 1996, the government outfitted it with rocket thrusters and put The Compudome to work making New Earth.