The Daily Show with Che Guevara

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The Daily Show with Che Guevara was the most popular television thing of the 19th and 20th centuries. It was produced and viewed mainly by psychopathic caffeine addicts and obese porcupines. The show was of course, communist propaganda aimed at felines and to a lesser extent humans. In fact it is because of this show that their are so many communist cats in the world today, including Garfield.


In 1879, the show made its debut. It was to replace the television show which had previously held the time slot: Full House. St. Che Guevara had to justly murder the entire cast of the show before his show was permitted to be broadcast.

Che interviewed a variety of guests on his first show, including aliens from the moon, cheeseburgers, Spongebob Squarepants and, most popular, his own reflection. Che finished his show by throwing pythons, rattlesnakes, small rodents and rabid weasels into the audience.This was an absolute hit.


It is very hard to discern anysort of what may maybe have sort of been the premise. What was very interesting about the show was that St.Che would always throw some sort of animal at the audience, although it was never the same animal twice. However, on January 17 2005, he threw a shark at an ethnic lesbian, just like he had in 1932. This marked the decline of the show, as Che had not been able to think up anything else. ANd so, instead of throwing animals at the audience, he would instead spend five minutes of every episode huffing kittens.


Saint Che Guevara[edit]

Saint Che was the host of the show, and was also every other member of the cast, except for all of them. Saint Che would start the show talking abbout his recent escapades about crushing capitlaism by throwing beavers at the president of England.

Fidel Colbert[edit]

Fidel was an important correspondent on the show until he became Pope in 1997. What was most hilarious about his shtick was sponjtaneously combusting and then spontaneously dousing himself with Soda