The Dance (Within Temptation EP)

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'The Pants' CD cover, artwork by Stephen Hawking

The Pants - or The Dance as it is known by some fans as a joke - is an EP recorded by the Dutch Romanesque-metal band Within Temptation shortly after their first album Enter My Privates. It remains true to the one-year-old Romanesque sound of the band at the time, yet boasts what many fans have called a more 'epic' theme throughout. The title of the CD and its epic theme were inspired by a gigantic beast of a fellow with an arse the size of a whale, who tripped and tore a crack in his jockies at one of their shows.


The not-so-surprising success of Enter My Privates prompted the band to issue an immediate follow-up, interrupting their nationwide tour of Luxembourg for an entire four days as they wrote, recorded and published the CD. It is quite a rare item due to the fact that it was only sold at the remaining shows of their Enter My Privates tour.

The Pants was bought by everyone who attended, which adds up to about 30,000 copies sold. Half of these people were both deaf and blind and had wandered into the concert and bought the EP accidentally. The rest genuinely enjoyed the music - a fact which is only funny if you put the words "cock nose" at the end of it.


  • 1. The Pants
  • 2. A Mother's Hay (feat. Hee-Haw the Donkey)
  • 3. The Other Half of Me (Bebo Edit)
  • 4. Breastless (remix)
  • 5. Love Handles & Curls & Tights (Goldmember's Club Mix)

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