The Eco-Squad

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Formed by Mervil Comics in 1976 (and sponsored by the Green’s party) in a desperate bid to appeal to both parents and their little ones alike.

Who were they?[edit]

The Eco-Squad where made up of 6 characters, meant to represent the 6 continents of the world. There was Boomerang Jack (Australasia), Ling Ho Cho Po Woe Chung Wung (Asia), Zachary North (North America), Voodoo (Africa), Zacharo Southo (South America, looking suspiciously like Zachary North) and Walter (Europe, but naturally was from England). The squad was all male, but Zack, Zack and Walter were always going out with cheerleaders or damsels in distress. Zachary, Zacharo and Walter lead the group, with the other three were the ones who kept getting lost or captured, and mainly were their for cheap gag at their stereotype’s expense. For example, Linh Ho only ate rice and was a black belt in martial arts (yet still managed to be defeated by every enemy he came across), Voodoo spoke in broken English and often had trouble with technology, and Jack spent all his spare time wrestling crocodiles and using words like “struth” and expressions like “well, I’ll be a wallaby”.

Powers and abilities[edit]

Each of the Eco-Squad had the ability to telekinetically separate papers and plastics.

They also each carried a subliminal soapbox which they could use to get their message across to an impressionable audience.

Each of the Eco-Squads costumes are made of off processed potato peelings, making them very biodegradable (Zack’s costume was Black, Zacko’s was green, Walter’s was red, and the other’s were beige).

Their vehicle of choice was the Recycle-Cycle, a hex-tangent bicycle. 

Also, all the crime-fighting gadgets were made of recyclable materials found in the average household.


Unfortunately, after spawning three spin-offs, an animated Saturday morning television program, a action figurine set, a cameo on Lassie and several endorsements, the Eco-Squad were cancelled in 1983, after it had been nearly four years since anyone had ever purchased anything bearing their name. The actual amount of money both the Green’s party and Mervil comics lost on The Eco-Squad has been estimated in the millions (see ''''