The Feast of the Holy Donut

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The Feast of the Holy Donut is an evil phenomenon that occurs when a policeman enters any shop which happens to sell donuts. It involves a fat policeman trying to eat the Holy Donut but before he is able to take a bite into the Donut of Almighty Holiness the Spawn of Satan appears and nukes the policeman and anything within a 500 mile radius.

This has been reported on 42 different occasions in Hiroshima and other such nuclearly evolved areas.

No nuclear bombs actually exist outside of Satan's grasp. Anyone who has access to nukes is therefore Satan or a direct blood relative of Satan.

And the moral of the story is: Eat all the donuts in the donut shop before the fat policeman comes in and tries to eat the Holy Donut. No one but policemen can tell what Holy Donuts are so you will need to eat any and every donut in sight to be absolutely certain you don't get nuked.