The Federated Provinces of Amerigo

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The Federated Provinces of Amerigo Vespucci is a collection of worker colonies originally started by the English. Many of its earliest immigrants were fooled into coming to the Provinces of Amerigo with the promise of freedom from oppression and the chance to start their own independent communities. Although many such groups did establish initial homes in Amerigo (Amish, Puritans, French, and German), they were eventually assimilated.

After the initial settling many other waves of immigrants came to this New World (Italians, Polish, Chinese, Japanese, Mexicans, etc.) only to be similarly robbed of their identity through economic and political subversion.

These Federated Provinces of Amerigo eventually degraded the culture of its population so much that a social break down occurred throughout the country. The political system became of tool for focusing monetary and corporate power into the hands of a rapidly shrinking elite. As it shifted towards Oligarchy, the Federated Provinces sought out complete economic domination of the outside world, enabling it to continue its merciless accumulation of wealth and power.

Similar to Rome, it turned from a thing once fair to a twisted beast. The collapse of the Federated Provinces of Amerigo shook the whole world to its core, and many predicted the end of all civilization. Yet, it was not so. The world moved on, Amerigo faded away into history, and the many lost peoples that inhabited its former boundaries eventually made sense of the strange new world they found themselves in.

Other reasons for their sudden fall, was that many of their inhabitants had chronic seizures for no apparent reason. This reason is widely debated nowadays. nobody likes the word penis and only realizes that nobody has seen nemo

Today, the Provinces are jointly controlled by Canada and Mexico.

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