The Funk

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The Funk is what we want; we must have it; for it is the Funk. You must give up The Funk immedieatly. I prefer my Funk to be the P-Funk, but any funk would do. It smells quite funky, like nothing ever so sexual you've never smelt. One cannot stress enough the funkeyness of The Funk. Some would call it groovy, but groovilicous is closer to the true funkyness of The Funk.

The willingness of the white man to aquire the black man's funk was the original basis for The Man's oppression of the negro during the 1960's. The Man saw his black brothers getting a boatload of Tail and thought that it was their sensual smell attracting mates, not realizing they were attracted not to the negro's scent but to his massive penis

The Funk originates from Funkytown, also home of the SUPERFREAK

In Soviet Russia The Funk wants you!!!