The Green Biker Dude

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This article is recommended by the GBD. Anyone who wishes to edit it must first perform a wheelie in a battle situation. Or be more Awesome and Stupid than him.

“He was a great repliod!”

~ Mega Man on The GBD

“I'm glad he's dead. He was an idiot.”

~ Zero on The GBD

“I'm glad he's dead. He was an idiot.”

~ Axl Rose on The GBD

“I'm glad he's dead. He was an idiot.”

~ GBD Fanboy on The GBD

“I'm glad he's dead. He was an idiot.”

The most important god in the pantheon of stuntism, The Green Biker Dude has a cult following on many forums and websites where people gather to pay homage to the green one by applauding his most famous stunt. Warning he was stronger than any maverick hunter. But he messed up on a stunt. R.I.P

Most Famous Stunt[edit]

An artists impression of the GBD performing his Most Famous Stunt, seconds before being shot by a laser.

The GBD's most famous stunt occured six months since the destruction of (Sigma), when little had changed. The GBD and X were proceeding on FREAKING HOVER BIKES!!!1 *ahem* ride chasers to engage a force of mavericks. It was then that the GBD let out his famous battle cry of "HEY, X! LOOK WHAT I CAN DO!" and pulled his chaser into a wheelie and directly aiming for the closest laser. As the laser hit him, he gained true divinity, becoming the god that all stuntilists worship. Eventually GBD did infact come back to destroy those who tried to mimic his stunts only to end up repeating it and die again just to become God again.


The true name of the GBD is dangerous to the ears of mere mortals, often causing them to shout "NO! THE GBD HAS NO NAME!" before becoming a mindless vegetable. Thus he is only refered to as 'The Green Biker Dude', 'The GBD', 'His Stuntness' or 'That stupid idiot hunter from X2. Even Mac was a better hunter than him. At least he was named.'

His true name is actually 'the new generation of maverick hunters', as evidenced by the X2 intro:-

Evidence of the GBD's real name. His name is highlighted in red for idiots