The Grudge

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The Grudge (a.k.a. The Menstruating Ghost Lady Movie) is an American remake of the J-horror film Ju-On. However, since Japanese films are foreign and thus hard to follow, we shall support our troops by synopsizing the obviously better American version.


The remake was originally intended to be capitalized towards an American audience by recreating the menstral cycle in certain scenes, thus providing revenue to the Sex Ed. market. Sam Raimi, the Producer, was hired in light of his recent blockbuster Spiderman and his tree-fetish themed Evil Dead. Of course he got high on the job and mucked it all up. At least he was able to provide an accurate portrait of the Menstrual cycle in the end.


Some poor white human girl (Sarah Michelle Gellar) crashlands her puppy-pod in Dunwich in a hostile planet known as Japan. She has to karate her way through hordes of menstruating Japanese ladies who never shaved. In the end, after all was said and done, she finally wound up in a hospital to lick her wounds. Then the ghost got her what the fuck.

The lost "Grudge Busters" ending[edit]

Sam Raimi scripted an unfilmed ending who's resource requirements were never met. It featured Dan Akroyd and Bill Murray and goes as follows.

Right before Sarah Michelle Gellar is killed by the ghost, Dan Akroyd and Bill Murray pop in clad in full Ghostbusters attire and packing heat. They shoot the ghost with their proton blasters, trapping it in their ghost-box. Thankful, Sarah Michelle Gellar begins removing her hospital gown. Akroyd and Murray slap each other high-five. Cut to credits (w/ Ghostbusters theme)