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The HoC is a popular Canadian TV show produced by Foxtrot Canada premiered in 2001. It deals with the hopes and dreams of Mary B., a 20 year old college girl that deferred entry to the Ontario National College for Agricultural and Wine Sciences to try her luck in the prostitution business. As of today the character is 40 years old, after a shocking flashforward that still lasts. Although few viewers realise this, Mary B. was a tertiary character in Fox's The OC (One of Summer's classmates, which used to nod whenever Summer said anything). Mary B. must not be confused with Sara Lo, the latin actress that went to Mexico to play the lead in TV EL's 'La PuTa' (Sara Lo used to be the girl who frowned whenever Marissa said anything).

Mary B.[edit]

In the show, Mary B. starts her life of prostitution after her father loses everything and is forced to move to Canada. She is immediately successful in the business and soon Ryan Howood becomes her regular. Most episodes concern her stuggles against Sandford McCohen's (A Jewish-Irish pimp) finger of iron.