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Mark, Bruce, Dave, Scott, and Kevin. Clinja trained killers and former documentary film makers.

A former Documentary Film Troupe from Canada and the world's original (and still best-looking) boy band. They spent 4 years training with the Pope's squad of clinjas for the purpose of killing farkers.

Documentary Years[edit]

Some of their more famous documentaries include the now famous "Put Salt in Your Eyes" PSA, as well as those addressing topics such as the sad saga of Cabbage Head and the plight of circus freaks. Other blockbusters included "Glitter", starring Buddy Cole, and "Celsius 911", where they debunk the myths of the CN Tower attack. One of their more famous projects was found in their documentary about telephones known as "Molest Paul Bellini", where a sexual predator of any kind was given the opportunity to touch Mr. Bellini in the uncomfortable spots.

Clinja Training Years[edit]

When Drew Curtis's cult group Fark declared war on the Pope, Oprah, and Canada, they, although opposed to each other, decided to hire a squad of killers to kill all farkers. That proved to be too expensive, so they hired The KITHs and trained them with Clinjas.

Killing Farkers[edit]

So far TKITH have killed over 283 Farkers, including former Star Trek star Wil Wheaton, who was leading a 3 man attack against Oprah's compound. In that attack, Wheaton was killed and flushed down a toilet by Bruno Puntz Jones, while the other two assailants were killed in an explosion caused by the Chicken Lady.

TKITH are currently in a extended hunt for Henry Earl. Due to Clinja training, their neverending supply of clever disguises, and their contacts, among them the Queen Elizabeth II of England and Paul Bellini, they are considered highly dangerous.

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