The Last Samurai

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The Last Samurai is a battle of the American civil war, as seen through the eyes of the Tom Cruise robot. The Tom Cruise robot was a highly sophisticated weapon developed in Japan in the nineteenth century, capable of withstanding any weapons thrown against it, from samurai swords, to rifles and even machine guns. It is practically invincible.


Witness the awesome power of the Tom Cruise robot

In 1877 American Indians rebelled against the United States during the Satsuma Rebellion. The Americans were concerned, because the Indians were able to acquire the Tom Cruise robot from Japan. Naturally the Americans were continually defeated because of the power of the awesome robot. The Americans led by General Custard were slaughtered by the Indians, however the Americans had recently developed a time machine thanks to Thomas Edison and were able to bring back a force of three hundred geeks from Thermonopoly, who were armed with one million Persian carpets. The Indians were naturally wiped out all except for the Tom Cruise robot. In respect for this the army all bowed down and let Tom Cruise deliver his sword to the emperor of japan or something like that.


One of the key themes in the movie is that of rebirth. The Original Tom Cruise has a small part in this film, until a scene where he is taken in by the Samurai tribe and rebuilt. It's a pretty pivotal moment, and they even play the theme from The Six-Million Dollar Man. He comes forth as a robot, and there it is, written in a small corner of the screen:

"The current theme is: rebirth. The current mood is: lonely 

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