The Meme Machine

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“I've had enough of these muthafuckin' memes in this muthafuckin' machine!”

~ Oscar Wilde on The MMI (Meme SJ37§16.4, used with permission)
Photo of [REDACTED], creator of the notorious MMI.

The meme machine is a magical force within any culture that causes random things, whether funny or not, to be flung into unprecedented popularity within that culture. These suddenly popular things are called memes. "The Meme Machine," when not given any cultural context, is usually assumed to be the meme machine of the Internet.


Many people claim to have made the discovery of the first meme machine, but Richard Feynman is usually quoted in textbooks as the discoverer of the meme machine. That's about all the history these machines have. One day they were discovered, and the rest is irrelevant. While what exactly "the rest" is remains unclear, I'm sure it had something to do with your mother.

Examples of Meme Machines[edit]

Most cultures have a meme machine, with very few exceptions. With the staggering number of cultures in existence, only the few most important, relevant meme machines are listed here.

The Meme Machine of the Internet[edit]

The application for memehood in the MMI

The Meme Machine of the Internet (MMI) is easily the biggest producer of memes. MMI produced memes are officially known as "Internet memes," but whatever retard scientist came up with this must have thought that there were other memes. Idiot. Unless you're retarded like scientists, you can just call them "memes." Because the Internet has no government, law, or civility of any kind, memes run rampant. The MMI employs 4chan, YTMND, Newgrounds, and more recently, YouTube as its main suppliers, but there are others. It has produced more memes than all other meme machines combined. It's over 9000! Here is a (hardly complete) list of some of the more popular memes the MMI has produced, along with their indexing information:

MMI Resources[edit]

Direct access to the database of the MMI is forbidden except to the leaders of the Internet. However, information about these memes can be garnered from other trustworthy sources, such as Uncyclopedia. Of course, you can attempt to obtain information about memes directly from the MMI's suppliers, but it's easier to read this wiki, where all the information is conveniently gathered into one single, trustworthy, 100% accurate source. Now give us your money.

Meme Machine of America[edit]

America's meme machine, known colloquially as the MMA, was laid off, due to the recession. Not much remains from the MMA's database, but most sources say there was something about George Bush in there.