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The Michael Jackson Show
Genre Animation
Running time 30 minutes
Creator(s) William Hanna
Joseph Barbara
Developer(s) Curious Pictures
Starring Andy Dick
Richard Simmons
Country of origin United States
Original network/channel NBC
Origional run 1996-2006
No. of episodes 3
IMDb page

“Are there any children on the show???”

~ Oscar Wilde on The Michael Jackson Show

The Michael Jackson Show, created by William Hanna and Joseph Barbara in an attempt to revive their cartoons after their success in the 60s-80s, was originally aired as The Michael Jackson/Perverted Pete Hour, a short lived cartoon series that aired an episode of The Michael Jackson Show, which was immediately followed by an episode of Perverted Pete. The series aired 6 episodes (3 of The Michael Jackson Show and 3 of Perverted Pete). After the series was cancelled in 2006 after episode 3, The Michael Jackson Show and Perverted Pete were aired separately in syndication on Cartoon Network.


The secondary characters from left to right: Dr. Von Dimschmuck, Andy Warhol, Elephant Man Bones, and Bubbles the Chimpanzee. (Not pictured: Gary Coleman)

The Michael Jackson Show revolves around the misadventures of the (possibly alien) freakazoid, Michael Jackson and his coping with his unnatural love for little boys, as well as his group of bizarre friends trying to cure him of his pedophilic tendencies. An episode will usually end in a running gag on Michael somehow temporarily solving his boy-loving problems, and the solutions are quite funny. The secondary characters in the series include Bubbles the Chimpanzee (Michael's sidekick/confident), Andy Warhol (Michael's publicist), Llama (Michael talking giraffe friend), Elephant Man Bones (Another one of Michael's friends), Dr. Horvitz Von Dimschmuck (A possibly Australian scientist hired by Andy Warhol to help cure Michael), Marliyn Munster's corpse, Ganzly and Jenson the 2 headed zebra(s), Liz Taylor's big fat ass, and Gary "watchoo talkin' 'bout Willis?" Coleman (Michael's "emergency friend").In the Michael Jackson show you can see Tom Hammand getting raped by Michael Jackson.


Michael Jackson[edit]

Michael Jackson

Michael Molesto Jackson (voiced by Andy Dick), in this cartoon is portrayed as a lot less flamboyant and effeminate than his real life counterpart, since no actor or animator could possibly duplicate that level of freakishness. Besides, the real Michael Jackson was so sick and twisted that his cartoon counterpart had to have his sick tendencies dulled down just to meet the FCC's requirements.

Michael has a tendency to vomit whenever someone tells him or mentions that he should date woman. This has become a running gag in the show, even though this gag only appeared in episode 3. Another one of Michael's gags (which also happened in episode 3) involved Michael being outfitted with special glasses that made any woman he was with look like Arnold Jackson.

Bubbles the Chimpanzee[edit]


The cliché talking animal type character that is usually the star of the show in Hanna-Barberra cartoons, Bubbles the Chimpanzee (voiced by Richard Simmons) is Michael Jackson's sidekick as well as his closest confidant. He was originally supposed to be "the funny one", but after episode 1, the writers retooled his character to make him more sensible. Bubbles also acts as a therapist for Michael as to help cure him of his pedophilia. In each episode, Bubbles is the voice of reason who will try to talk Michael out of his moronic, ideas to be with little boys. Because the The Michael Jackson Show was cancelled, Bubbles' character was never give enough time to develop and many fans of Bubbles were disappointed by this. According to one of the writers, if the series had continued, Bubbles would have gotten an episode that he starred in where he tries to save Michael Jackson from an army of zombies who mistook Michael for their leader. One notable scene with Bubbles was in episode 3 where he had to quickly get a new pale for Michael to throw up in. Interestingly, Bubbles' character and personality were modeled after the real Bubbles, Michael Jackson's pet chimp in real life. Only the fact that he wears a bowtie, instead of a necktie, and that he talks in a Midwestern American accent rather than a Scottish one, distinguishes the cartoon Bubbles from the real Bubbles.

Dr. Richard Steven Horvitz Von Dimschmuck[edit]

Dr. Von Dimschmuck

Dr. Von Dimschmuck (Voiced by Richard Simmons) is a scientist, hired by Andy Warhol in episode 3 of "The Michael Jackson Show" to help cure Michael Jackson of his pedophelia. Dr. Von Dimschmuck created a pair of special glasses that could alter the appearance of people the eyes of the person wearing them. In the case of Michael Jackson, he created a pair of glasses that made any woman look like "Gary Coleman before pubes" through Michael's eyes. The glasses actually worked for a short time, as they made the woman Michael was "dating" (Christina Aguilera) look like Gary Coleman, thus dispelling Michael's pedophile image. Although he speaks with a thick Australian accent, his ethnic backround is unknown as "The Michael Jackson Show" was cancelled before Dr. Von Dimschmuck's backround could be revealed. Had more episodes of "The Michael Jackson Show" been made, Dr. Horvitz Von Dimschmuck would have appeared in nearly evey episode with a new invention that could "cure" Michael Jackson of his pedophillia.

Andy Warhol[edit]

Andy Warhol

Although his actual job in the show is never revealed, it is believed by many fans that Andy Warhol (Voiced by Richard Simmons) could possibly be Michael Jackson's publicist or media director. He also seems to be the one in charge of curing Michael of his pedophilia, as he was the one who hired Dr. Horvitz Von Dimschmuck to develop special eyeglasses for Michael in episode 3. Also Andy Warhol's physical appearance is quite different in episode 2 when compared to his physical appearance in episode 3. In episode 2, Warhol is morbidly obese and speaks in garbled english (to which Michael Jackson replies, "I'm not even going to dignify that with an answer, Andy Warhol."), while in episode 3, he is in somewhat better shape, and speaks more fluently in english. It is currently unknown as to why Andy Warhol's physical appearances are different in episodes 2 and 3, but according to some fans, it is one of the reasons that "The Michael Jackson Show" was cancelled.

Elephant Man Bones aka "Uncle Elephant Man"[edit]

Joseph Merrick (Voiced by Richard Simmons) is kind of a father/coach figure to Michael the way Mick was to Rocky (except he doesn't actually train Michael in boxing, since if Mike was so much as slapped he would cry like a little girl.) Originally shown as just a skeleton, in Episode 4 he has a flesh transplant to restore his elephantine good looks.

Louie the Llama[edit]


Louie the Llama (Voiced by Andy Dick) is another one of Michael Jackson's talking animal friends. Like the rest, he also tries to be a voice of reason. Llama, more than everyone else, thinks that Michael needs help and should have his penis removed. In episode five he went to aperture science and entered a test chamber run by Peter Griffin. He ate the companion cube and blew up as a punishment. They based a video game out of it.

Peter Griffin[edit]

Peter Griffin

Peter Griffin (voiced by Seth McFarlane) is a minor character only appearing in the last episode. His main role is as the leader of a barbershop quartet that breaks the news to Michael Jackson that he has AIDS.

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