The New Adventures of Cinderella

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the year 2006, the third installment of the Ciderella Series,( Started in the 1950's ) was made. It was more shamefull then the already shamefull second installment. So there was a comeback created. Forever changing the ways of the Cinderella saga...was the new 10 episode mini-Series: The New Adventures of Cinderella. The Series was targeted to older Audiences, for the certain adult themes and extreme violence that were there.

Plot Summary[edit]

Episode 1: Rude Awakening[edit]

It is the year 4000. Cinderella was Criogenically Frozen long, long ago, and was just now awoken. However, some people from the government disagreed with this awakening. They thought that the woman would cause chaos, and not agree with this period in time. She was awoken by an organ smuggler who had snuck in, and he soon found out that when she was frozen, she was in the middle of grieving for the loss of her retarded pet mice... so she woke up and took out his balls with her bare hands. That hurt. She then threw him out the window of the building she was in. He fell all 34,000 storeys and exploded on the ground. The people of the world found out about this. They knew that it was Cinderella, back to destroy. But she wasn't angry. At first. ( Except for the killing reflex on that poor organ Smuggler.) The Oficials found out it was her, and set after her, to kill her. So she ran to the only person she knew would help. Her Fairy godmother.

Episode 2: Gifts from the Fairy Godmother.[edit]

Cinderella asked her fairy Godmother to make her powerful so that she could not destroy, but escape the government. Her wish, was granted. So the fairy Godmother gave her the inevitable bad news. This would be, her last wish. She was to expire. So she did. She expired, and exploded into a million bloody pieces on site. Only then Cinderella realised she hadn't asked for invincibility, and she may have some weaknesess. She trained for a total of 10 days, and realised that she could fly, shoot laser beams from her eyes, had super strength, and had blades that were retractable from her hands and feet. She also realised that she was now a cyborg. she was only part human now, crafted into a fighting machine with a soul. A shame. And so she set her goal, to leave the country she was inprisoned in. Whatever that may have been.

Episode 3: The Chase Begins!!![edit]

She started to fly out of town, and was already met with several cop cars, who she evidently had to destroy to escape them. She calculated 6 cop cars total. they told her to stop, and give herself up to the police. This car was immedietly blown up with laser vision. Throughout the course of the episode, she had to battle her wasy through the men, and eventually had nothing left but a bloody heap of blood and guts that once was, all the police. Along with the cars, which some were used to crush, rip, or otherwise implode some of the police. By the time this was done, a whole episode length was over. She continued on her way to wherever she planned to go. Poor, poor, killing Cinderella.

Episode 4: Cruel Intentions All Around.[edit]

The episode begins with a meeting of government officials, discussing the murder of the police that were in the cars that chased down Cinderella. They decide that she must be terminated FAST so that she does not destroy the earth. The example was the mess that was left of those police. They were to send out all of their military forces on her, and they WERE going to KILL this Cinderella Freak.

Cinderella finds herself in a desert now, alone , but happy she didn't need to kill anyone for the last little while. She was truly getting tired , and didn't know where to sit and eat, and sleep. It was like a miracle that she found a little barn. She rang the doorbell of the house beside the barn. In a few moments, a lady answered the door. There was a long pause. "He-hello, I'm-" The woman screamed at the top of her lungs and her husband came running down the stirs, double barreled shot gun in hand. He aimed at Cinderella. "YOU'RE THE CINDERELLA BEAST!!! STAY AWAY FROM MY FAMILY!!!" The knowledge that these people were so scared of her made her so she charged up a power beam with her fist, and blew up the entire land around them. She flew away with tears in her eyes.

The next three episodes all had to do with her finding little government groups and completely anialating them, getting stronger and stronger every time. By the end of these three episodes, she has little by little destroyed half the military force of the country.This was no longer the Cinderella of the beginning of the story. This Cinderella wanted to seek and destroy.

Episode 7-8: The Military is Ready!!! Parts 1 and 2[edit]

The Military broadcast all over the country, that the force that was to destroy Cinderella was prepared, and that the attack would commence in one day. One day later, Cinderella actually "Showed up at the front door" and the battle began. She was ruthlessly pulping the brains of all the men that were fighting. She blew up planes, ripped open tanks, and picked the limbs off of the men. She truly did have the will to eradicate every living thing that oposed her. And by the end of episode 8, she did. The episode ends with a news broacast saying tat the Military of the Country was completely evaporated, down to the last bug. They recommended quality time among families so that they could say they didn't die alone.

Episode 9: CINDERELLA 2.0[edit]

Cinderella no longer had any goal programmed in her except to destroy everything in existence. She went to cities and killed everyone, one by one. It was no joke. Balls were ripped to commemorate her first kill, and people were reminded before death that it was "the nicest girl on the earth" that was about to kill them. At the endof the episode , she is abuot to kill a young teenager, and he asks her, terified: "What, ARE YOU?!!!" And she replied: "I am Cinderella, 2.0." And she killed him.

Episode 10: Revelation of Horror[edit]

3 Years Later, Cinderella has destroyed all life on earth. The world has come to an end. All is nothing. But she soon realises that the world was the country she was running from. She realised, that she wanted to destroy, only so that she could run from this awfull country. But by the year 4000, all the continents formed one super continent, and the world truly was, ONE country. But she destroyed it. She now knew that she destroyed the earth. And then she grieved. It was all over because of her. And she went into the sky, and in the attempt to leave the atmosphere, her programing failed. Cinderella, and the world she blew up, was not even a memory.


The cast for the series was made up of 3 people. June Computerspeaker, as Cinderella. James Pencilsharpner as the newsman in episode 10, and Jonathan Joneathan as everyone else. The idea was from the mind of Dave Directorman, who created, wrote, Produced, and Directed the series. He also stole one of Jonathan Joneathan's roles as one of the screaming soldiers. And then there was the 1230912839819236876897231625631526-Person crew for all the other jobs involved. Certain humans had to be modified to populate the earth faster so that the series could have the sufficient amount of crewmembers it needed. This led to a small war somewhere in Africa. But no-one knows exactly why.

Broadcasting Issues[edit]

The Series was supposed to be aired at 9:30 Worldwide in English, with subtitles for whatever languages that particular coutry may have needed,every week for 10 weeks starting at when School would be out, and more audience would be available to see it. However, the Network that aired it was completely turned off from the seried when they watched it, and said it wouldn't make a cent. The broadcasting was delayed several months, but finnaly, they changed their mind and showed at christmas time. The ratings were almost non-existant. The series did so poorly, that every person who was in the least bit involved in the project ended up on the streets. Even the guy who dropped the frames into a boat to bring them overseas to have them animated. It was the biggest failure ever caught on film, and people were outraged. It was all over. Just like in the series.

DVD Realeases[edit]

One of the people from the company, ended up keeping the film from all 10 episodes, and decided that since he was on the streets, he might as well have tried something. So he stole some equipment and converted them to DVD, and then sold the low quality discs for two american dollars each. He sold four. With his prised eight dollars, he bought a sandwich. His last meal. Because of this DVD release, (AKA The Sandwich) he lived longer than anyone else from the production team. And he too ended up dying a lttle later. After that, the world forgot the series existed.

Second Series[edit]

Because, well, there is like nothing on TV now, NBC are considering bringing back The New Adventures of Cinderella for a second series, in 10 parts. It will focus on Cinderella's body decaying slowly in space. Bruce Willis has already signed on, to play the necrophiliac Prinz Franz de Charmink. The series is notable due to the fact it is the first series to be commissioned all about a dead body floating in space. The chairman of NBC has said that "The New Adventures of a welcome return. This time, we will be focusing more on the dead Cinderella than the alive Cinderella fleeing. We will also see flashbacks, which reveal that Cinderella is actually Lara Croft's cousin!!!"