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Hey so this is a story about a mythical adventure by my 9th grade English HoNoRs teacher Mrs. Cox. Hope you like it, P.S. If you find here myspace and give me the address there will be a REWARD. Have Fun edit this Page all you want

The New York Story[edit]

The Airport Scene[edit]

Hello Mrs. Cox and welcome to New York City!” “Aw, thank you,” says Stephanie Cox to the flight attendant as she leaves the airplane. She walks out the airport and looks up at the skyline of the megalopolis that sits in front of her. Then sudden terror fills her mind she runs as fast as she can in right to the information desk and asks, “Ah, what do I do first?” “Well, what do you like to do,” the man at the desks asks, his name tag read “Gene”. “I am the Language Arts Director at a Catholic school in Florida.” “Say no more!” Suddenly the man jumps onto the desk and shouts “1, 2, 3, and 4.” Then as to hearing the queue the whole airport erupts into a Broadway song. “Well there’s no business like show business…” “I’ve got to get out of here!” she screams. “But wait, we haven’t made it to the third act yet,” one replies in song as he does a back flip. Well she decides to stay for awhile after all; she is getting to see a free play. The end comes and she claps as the whole airport bows for their only audience member. She shouts “Bravo!” as she leaves and then goes to the city.

The Jungle[edit]

“Wow, that was all the excitement I can handle for one day,” she says to herself. “I think I’m going to just walk down the street, say hello to everyone I meet and maybe stop buy in a shop to get something to eat.” She laughs, “This Shakespeare is making me rhyme it’s like a rhyme all the time.” She laughs to herself again and starts to walk down the street. She’s walking by the shops when she notices a cool sign that says “Tropical Pets.” “Maybe I should go in there and get to pet some doggy hair.” She walks in and it’s like she is standing in a different world. Fog everywhere and it sounds like a tropical rainforest with birds chattering and monkeys calling to each other. Then Stephanie hears the sound of what she thinks are blades hitting. She ventures further in the back of the store; she can start to hear the sound of two men’s voices. She comes to an opening in the isle. “Back General Zaroff this kitty is mine,” says one of the elderly men as he hits the other with his cane. “I saw him first Rainsford, he’s mine aren’t you kitty, yes you are.” Hearing this Stephanie inquires of the two men, “Are you two Rainsford and Zaroff from ‘The Most Deadliest Game’?” “Why yes miss,” answers Rainsford, “And who might you be?” “Well I’m Mrs. Stephanie Cox, I am an English teacher at a high school in Florida and my students just read your book this year.” “Yep, it’s a good one isn’t it,” Rainsford comments. “Yea but it makes it seem like you won the duel and killed me,” General Zaroff replies. “Oh yea, you should tell your kids the true story.” Rainsford said, “Right when we were about to battle it out we said to each other ‘You know what, we should be friends. I mean you are not that bad of a guy. We both like hunting so we should hang out.’ And that’s just what we did, we moved to New York.” “Wow that is really cool that you guys could settle your differences and become friends that’s what I tell my students, ‘Peace and Love.” “Lady, I think these fumes from the smoke machine are getting to your head,” said General Zaroff starting to chuckle. “Well anyways, do you know were the puppies are I was thinking of buying one and giving it to Mr. Cox as a surprise.” said Stephanie. “I do not believe so madam, you should probably ask the woman at the front desk.” said Rainsford. “Okay, thank you both for the fun conversation have a good time in New York.” “You too Stephanie, and remember to tell you students the true story.” “Alright General Zaroff I will.”

Pet shop Take two[edit]

Stephanie made her way to the back of the store. She came to the cash register and noticed Mrs. Noyes was working behind the counter. “Hi, Heidi I didn’t know that you worked up here?” said Stephanie. “Yea, I come up here for Easter break. I find a job for during the day and then at night I tour the city.” said Heidi. “That’s great,” said Stephanie, “Do you have any…” Just then Mrs. Cox saw the cutest little puppy curled up sleeping in Mrs. Noyes’ lap. “Is that one for sell?” said Stephanie, pointing down at the puppy. “Yes but, it is $100 dollars,” said Heidi. “Aw, darn I don’t have enough money, dude.” said Stephanie, sounding very depressed. “It’s okay Stephanie, Maybe you can find a cute little puppy in Florida.” said Heidi trying to cheer up her friend. “Yea, but it was going to be a surprise for Mr. Cox,” said Mrs. Cox. “Bummer,” said Heidi. “Yea, double bummer,” said Stephanie. “Well maybe if you go out and see the sites you won’t be so sad anymore!” said Heidi. “Okay, thanks Heidi have a good day, maybe we can hang out later,” said Stephanie heading for the door. “Yea for sure!” the two started to laugh. “Oh, wait Heidi, how do I get to the Empire State Building?” Stephanie asked. “You have to take the subway,” Heidi answered. “Thanks!” Stephanie ran out the door a little sad that she could not buy the puppy, but happy she could go site seeing.

Into the Subway[edit]

She walked down the street until she saw the entrance for the subway. She walked down the stairs and then saw the map for the subway. She saw that she had to take the “E” train o get the Empire State Building. “The E train will arrive in 15min,” it said on the sign. So she sat down to wait. She was waiting for a few minutes when she saw two of the airport employees walking down into the subway. One of them was Gene, the information guy that started the ruckus at the airport. She felt like she had to go over to them and tell them what a truly delightful act they put on when she notices something. The other airport employee looked familiar. It was Phinny! “Phinny, Phinny,” she began run over to them shouting his name. Just then Gene hearing Stephanie call Phinny’s name and not his became jealous. “He only did a back flip. I was the one who directed the whole musical,” he said to himself. Just then Gene jounced the platform causing Phineous to fall onto the tracks. Horror overcame Stephanie as she screamed, “Not again!” Rushing to the edge of the subway she noticed Phinny had fallen right between the two electrified tracks. “Stay still,” Mrs. Cox shouted, “We are going to get help.” Looking over she saw a box on the wall. “Incase someone falls into the subway and is trapped between the two electrified rails, pull here.” Stephanie ran over and immediately pulled the lever up and a small alarm began to sound. Within no time, a fire brigade marched down the stairs. Stephanie ran up to them and said, “There is a boy trapped down on the tracks you have to save him!” “That’s my job ma’am,” answered the fire captain. Quickly they formed a human ladder and pulled Phinny out from off the tracks. The whole subway cheered for the firemen who quickly brought Phinny up to the surface to an ambulance waiting for him. Stephanie asked the fire chief what his name was so she could tell her students about the hero. He turned to her and said “Montage, Guy Montage.” In shock Stephanie was about to ask him more questions but suddenly he vanished. She was confused for a moment but then filled with joy as she knew that her favorite character had not died. She told Gene to tell Phinny that she would visit him tomorrow in the hospital.

The Hospital[edit]

The next day, Mrs. Cox walks into the hospital and asks one of the receptionists which room Phineous is staying. She answers “451”. As she is on the elevator she remarks to herself about how cool it has been meeting all these people that she has read about. As the elevator doors open she begins down the hall. She sees Phinny’s room. She knocks, and Phinny’s mom opens the door and lets me in. “Hi Phineous, I’m Mrs. Stephanie Cox I teach English at a high school in Florida.” “Yes my best friend Gene told me about you, I hear you are the one that pulled the alarm and saved me.” Phinny Responded. “Oh is this the girl you were talking about Phineous?” “Yes mom,” he replied. “Well I have to use the restroom son, I will leave you two to catch up,” the elderly lady walked out of the room. I spent a lot of time with Phinny that day asking him how he met Gene, how he liked living and working in New York and what school he had went to. He was a jokester and we had a lot of fun in the hospital that day. Hours must have pasted until his mom came back. I knew it was time to go so I said bye to them both and walked out of the room. When I was about half-way down the hall I heard the old woman’s voice call to me. “You dropped something,” She yelled. I hurried back down the hall. She was holding a $100 dollar bill. “I think you forgot this,” she said. “No that not mine,” said Stephanie. “I know its not I’m giving it to you, thank you for being so nice to my son,” the old lady was smiling. “Aw, thank you so much,” she replied.

The End[edit]

She returned to Clearwater with a little tiny dog and surprised Mr. Cox. He loved the little fur ball and named him Gene because ha was a trouble maker, but they still loved him. Later that year they got a card from Phinny’s mom saying that Phinny had broken his leg again and died when a piece of bone marrow clogged his blood stream. She went to the funeral. After that the Cox lived happily ever after.