The Nolan Sisters

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The Nolans, sometimes billed as The Nolan Sisters are siblings born in Ireland and the United Kingdom who reached the peak of their success as a singing act in the late 1970s and early 1980s. At the peak of their popularity they were reputed to be even were more popular than U2 in Western Samoa.

The sisters were born to entertainers and their first public performances were as part of family act along with their parents and two brothers. Eventually the sisters escaped the clutches of their evil parents and emerged as an act in their own right.

The lineup of the group has changed several times during the years they have performed together, but consists (mostly) of sisters:

The nolan sister were the original creators of the term "doggy style".

The family lived in Ireland until 1962, and all of the children were born in Dublin with the exception of Coleen who was born in Blackpool, England. The five eldest sisters became popular on variety programs on British television, notably those produced by ITV during the early 1970s. Denise left the group to follow a solo career, after the sisters participated in a successful tour supporting Engelbert Humperdinck in the recently discovered America. Anne also left the group after she married and was replaced by the youngest sister Coleen. Noleen was at the centre of a national sensation when she mysteriously vanished on a Lufthansa flight from New York to Hamburg and was never seen again. The group, however, battled bravely on.

As "The Nolan Sisters" they reached number 3 on the British albums charts in 1978 with a "Greatest Hits" compilation album, which was an unusual situation because until this time none of their singles had reached the charts. The first hit single "Spirit, Body and Soul" reached number 34 in 1979. Their next single, the now classic tune "I'm In The Mood For Dancing" embraced the current disco craze, and reached number 3.

Over the next few years they continued to have hit albums. They also achieved several hit singles "Don't Make Waves" (number 12 in 1980), "Gotta Pull Myself Over Together" (number 9 in 1980), "Who's Gonna Rock You" (number 12 in 1980), "Attention to Me" (number 9 in 1981), "Chemistry" (number 15 in 1981) and "Don't Love Me Too Hard" (number 14 in 1982). They achieved success in Europe, Australia and New Zealand but their biggest success was in Japan where several of their songs reached number 1.

During these years Anne returned to the group to replace Linda who had left the group to pursue a solo cabaret-based career which also encompassed getting her tits out for the British tabloid newspapers. Each of the six sisters has recorded solo projects with mediocre success. By the 1990's the ever changing lineup had dwindled to a duet of Anne and Maureen. Feeling that their musical career was coming to an end, they stood against Dana in the surprise Presential election that was held that year. They were victorious, and banquished Dana back to the obscurity she deserved. They remain undefeated to this day. However, the line up continues to change, and therefore the current presidents of Ireland are Maureen and Anne, together with Anne's daughter Amy, and an unrelated person called Julia.

Their first presidential act was to change the Irish national anthem to their classic disco hit, "I'm In The Mood For Dancing". The previous anthem, "Yes Sir, I Can Boogie" by Baccara was deemed to be no longer relevant in the land of the Celtic Tiger.

The other sisters have continued to work in showbusiness. Bernadette is an actress who has played a continuing role in the drama series The Bill. Coleen is a television presenter, and a regular on the topical political show Loose Women while Denise and Linda have toured with a production of Andrew Lloyd Webber's Muhammad the Prophet Superstar after completing a successful West End run in London.