The Nothing Show

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The Nothing Show is, or rather was, a TV show focused on absolutely Nothing hosted by Ned Flanders, but was replaced with Jerry Springer on the second season.

The show was aired on the Fox Network for two seasons, then was cancelled and was replaced with a reality show about dating old ladies.


Creators Adam Sandler and Seth Green came up the idea of making a show about nothing, where the TV screen would go blank the minute it starts. After pitching the idea, Fox wanted it to fit with the other shows so they added Women in bikinis, violence, Nazis, curse words, and people getting hit with various objects in the groin.

Things added by Fox to make the show more edgy[edit]


The show went on for twenty eight seasons, but Fox pulled the plug on it when they ran out of women in bikinis. Then they did a four hour marathon of clipshows highlighting the best, the worst, and any scenes from the show.

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