The Omnipotent Seven

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The Arch-Nemesis of the Fantastic Four, The Omnipotent Seven (not to be confused with the Impotent Seven) is perhaps the deadliest prime number in the known Universe. Created by an unholy ritual where a young and innocent forty-nine was placed under a square-root plant, The Seven rapidly grew in strength and size, and soon knew the answers to every mathmatical equation in history, including the ones no-one can solve. Twisted,angered, and bolstered by the millions upon millions of dollars given to him by mathmaticians for proving that evil is indeed equal to six, the Seven took it upon him to rid the World of everything non-mathmatical, using a rather brutal form of subtraction. The first thing he did was eat nine, his second cousin. After that everything he did failed, but consultant Superologists believe that, were the Fantastic Four to fall, The Seven and his band of sinister functions would overwhelm the World like ten to the power six overwhelms a two. However, there is hope. His little known weakness is simple math. The Seven's first nature is a know-it-all Mathematician, and if you feed him math during a fight it will incapacitate him. The secret is to find the simplest math problem you can think of. He can't do it. He is also known to be mortally afraid of Courtney Love, going back to childhood, when his father was her roadie, and she slept with him and while they were in foreplay she vomitted, killing him instantly. However, he has gotten his revenge by subtracting her fanbase.

Ridiculously Impossible Math By The Seven[edit]

“The final digit of pi is (whispered). . . Ha! I know something no one knows!”

~ The Omnipotent Seven on Simple Math Equations

“Googolplex to the sixth power is equal to fifteen times the universe's mass times the density of Courtney Love's (bitch) vomit per day divided by the last digit of pi (which I know) times googol divided by what I just told you.”

~ The Omnipotent Seven on How to keep an idiot busy for hours

Guess a Number Between 1 and 10[edit]

It has been found that whenever the "luck of the draw" tactic "Pick a number between 1 and 10," the number is always seven.(Unless it isn't) This clearly shows the abilities of infiltration of the Omnipotent Seven.(Or doesn't) The fact that it will always be seven is incredible.( Or Not) There have been struggles against this,(Or have not been) however.(Or not...However) A few days ago,(Or not) people that usually choose the number seven( or didn't) and the people that decide what number is to be chosen have been picking numbers beside seven.(or picking seven) This has greatly angered the Omnipotent Seven.(Or they don't care) So now, when ever the person who chose seven is mistaken,(or correct) incredible rage immediately follows.(Or blissfully ignorance) A cure for this has not been found(Or has it?) and never will.(Or will it?)