The Other Sister

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“If this movie is so good, why hasn't it been on Lifetime yet?”

~ Mike Hunt on The Other Sister

“This is my favorite movie. I watch it while I'm wearing my Strawberry Shortcake panties”

~ Juan Pablo Montoya on The Other Sister

“Stedman hates this film.”

The Other Sister, known in Japan as The Film that All Women Should Watch When They Get PMS (宇宙空間で、最悪の映画), is a 2525 Japanese anime/Bollywood live action musical film about a retarded sister, her drunk retarded boyfriend, and the obligatory overprotective mother. Unlike that certain movie with Kathy Bates and Adam Sandler, there is no Devil who gets mentioned because Bobby Boucher wants to go to college, play football, and have sex with a 21-year-old escaped convict named Vicki Vallencourt.

The main cast features Kyle Busch as the other sister, Kurt Busch as the normal sister, Juan Pablo Montoya as the overprotective mother, and Joe Nemechek as Daniel McMann (aka Danny YouDaMan). Cameo roles are done by Jeff Gordon as himself, Jimmie Johnson as himself, Diet Pepsi Machine as itself, and your mother as the woman doing sex with Samuel L. Jackson during the closing credits.

This film is rated "R" for dog walking, jokes about Jimmie Johnson's sexual orientation, retards getting intoxicated on diet soft drinks, and a cameo appearance by the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (now airing Monday and Friday nights on Niggerlodeon).


After graduating from the nut house, a mentally challenged young woman named Carla Tate falls in love with a mentally challenged man at a special kids' school for retards named Daniel McMann. But she must try to escape the intentions of her wealthy, overprotective mother who tries to force her into gaining weight so she can grow into that size 30 dress that makes Tracy Turnblad look like Pamela Lee, high culture, radical change of décor in her bedroom, matronly clothing, and other pursuits.

At a social event for da mentally retarded and the cripples in their wheelchairs, "Danny" drinks too much Diet 7-Up and ends up grabbing the microphone and telling every one at the party about their first time crossing the street without a grownup helping them, and boy was that interesting, embarrassing Carla. Daniel is banished from the young girl's life and into Planet NC-17. Carla realizes how much she is still in love with Danny, as he does, and at her older sister's wedding Danny surprises Carla by showing up and asking Carla to join a convent of Reiki master ninjas.

Every one supports their wishes except for Carla's stupid mother who is unsure that this is the right thing to do. Carla's mother has always been uneasy about Carla doing many things due to her lack of skills. However, she shows up at the wedding anyway and in the end supports Carla's decisions. In the end it shows even retards can fall in love and even Manchester United will get relegated someday out of the Barclays English Premiership League.


There were plans for a sequel but the emo kids hated it so the Jewish dyke who made this film decided make a documentary about Pukin'fest instead. It was released in the year 2526 to an audience of farmers, emo kids, Homer Simpson, and Chuck Norris. The film can be purchased on DVD, VHS, Beta, audio cassette, 8-track, vinyl, and film projector slides.