The Ring of the Nibelung

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The Ring of the Nibelung is a drum-and-bass techno remix of Howard Shore's score for Lord of the Rings, mixed by Richard Wagner.

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The music video for The Ring of the Nibelung features four primary scenes, all taking place in Vegas. The plot loosely revolves around a couple whose relationship is on the ropes:

  1. A man purchases a ring with rhinestones for his girlfriend, who is insulted by the imitation diamonds, and asks sarcastically if the band is made of "Rhinegold", whatever that is.
  2. The man walks back to the jewelry store (and is hence, a walkure), but since he is in Vegas he stops along the way to see a magic show.
  3. Siegfried and Roy perform a magic show in the most psychedelic scene. The magicians end up acutally doing Nothung at all, boring.
  4. A fat lady sings the famous refrain "Got her damn wrong" to the man, about his relationship with his girlfriend, after which it is over.