The Secret Show

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“Broadcast the secret show!”

~ spy on The Secret Show
Spy and his humour

Theme song[edit]

Broadcast the secret show! (secret music) Yes. (serious secret music) Ahg! kling klong da da da da da da da da da da ah who-OK, I can't type this. Bye. (end)


Victor He a spy. He thinks that You are a idiot.

Antia She the person that messes up songs, idiot.

Professer Professer He's the shortest idiot in this show. He's afraid of Grues.

That guy who changes his name daily His name today is, Fluffy-wuffy bottom ball. OH MY GOD, THAT SO FREAKING FUNNY!!

Carl's effect on Victor and Antia[edit]

“Victor, are you still alive?”

~ Professer Professer on if victor still alive

“YES I AM!!!”

~ Victor on that his is still alive

“I thought you were eaten by a Grue.”

~ Professer Professer on Grues

They are not go on missions because of Carl. Now Carl is an idiot. They are spies so don't tell Carl... oh no.


~ Carl on spies

“Send him to the sun!”

~ a spy on the Sun


~ Carl on how hot it's on the sun

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