The True History of Norway

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For information regarding what many people believe to be the true history of Norway, please consult the Wikipedia page "Norway" or the page on this site of the same name (well, actually you should probably not view the Uncyclopedia page for the sheer fact that it would shock you such that you'd never be the same again).


Chapter 1: A long time ago in Europe, the great Oscar Wilde became outraged by the Brittish Monarchy's excessive whining (after all they are the Brittish Monarchy) and resigned from his position as supreme overlord of the World. He retreated to a cave in the south of France from whence he summoned his fellow rulers. Among the motley crew were Chuck Norris, Steve Urkel, and none other than Captain Obvious.

Note: These men are not to be confused with Motley Crue, the sorry excuse for a metal band from the. They suck and Norway's motley crew (notice the correct spelling) rocks.

The group's combined testosterone was a force to be reckoned with. In fact, the manly power amongst them was actually strong enough to creat an alternate universe which we now know to be Cleveland, Ohio. The four sought to complete their attempts at global domination by "pulling one over on the entire universe" (the universe aforementioned is this universe, not Cleveland, Ohio). They sat down around their slightly-elliptical-but-not-quite-round table to begin their plotting.

Chapter 2: