The Unbearable Lightness

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The Unbearable Lightness was formed in 2002, when Melvin Euterheimer (frontman for beanocore band "Death Crab for Hootie") and Lola Thompson (a 16 year old Melvin lured into his basement dungeon) collaborated on a one-off single, "The Dream of Me and Julio Down in the Schoolyard". Despite only selling 12 copies, it was far more successful than anything Melvin had ever done with that crappy Death Crab band. Therefore, and at gunpoint, Melvin and Lola began work on an entire album. However, halfway through, Lola escaped, and their collaboration continued via mailing wax cylinders to each other. This unusual method led them to briefly consider naming their band "The Postal Service", but they both decided it wasn't wussy enough.

Band Members[edit]


The Unbearable Lightness's first album features backing vocals by Ms. Pacman.

Their first album, "The Ironic Futility of Helpful Corn", was released in February of 2003. At first, it attracted little attention, but when Melvin "accidentally" showed a little nipple during the Super Bowl half-time show, copies began selling like hotcakes! The first single, "Drowning Banana", was so popular that it inspired 13 teenagers in Ohio to swallow their own tongues. "Sincerity of a Broken Soul" was even more popular, and has been cited for the mass suicide of the entire state of New Hampshire, which would come to be known as:the day the Emo actually did somthing usefull.

Perhaps the most notable thing about this album is the way that Melvin and Lola interwove hard drive error messages, cellphone ringtones, and the background "music" from early 1980s arcade games to produce something that even Gary Numan would be ashamed of.