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“Mr. Waters, tear down this wall!”

~ Ronald Reagan on his inability to recognize metaphors
It’s not an overly self introspective epic fail, it’s an existential treatise on the human condition you fucktard.

The Wall is a contraceptive album by the folk group Pink Floyd. Hailed as one of the first and best rock operas, The Wall chronicles the story of a young rapper, known only as "Pink", and his gradual descent into insanity manifested in the building of a physical wall around China. The second side however is entirely different, focusing on the building of a brick wall. Singles from that song include "Just Getting Started," "Halfway Done," and "One Last Brick in The Wall."


In the beginning of The Wall, we are given Pink's own introduction, as he rapidly freestyles a set of existentialist lyrics explaining absolutely nothing and expresses his desire to become a Space Cadet. This soon sinks into part one of one of the major recurring song of the album, "Another Brick In The Wall". Each time this song is reprised, a new set of lyrics explains in meticulous detail the construction from clay and mortaring of a brick that is added to Pink's wall around himself. Between these songs, we are given reasons for Pink's self-isolation, such as his happy and decidedly non-gangsta childhood (The Happiest Days Of Our Lives), his terrible sense of humor, the cruel precipitation-related sense of humor of God (Goodbye Cruel Sky), the incomplete sexual development of female peers (Young Busts), and other things. The first fifteen discs of the sixteen-disc set (mostly taken up by the epic "Another Brick In The Wall, Parts 1 through 1,337") concern the building of Pink's wall, brick by brick.

The sixteenth disc basically has a bunch of storytelling songs leading up to the climax, including the concert favorite: Uncomfortable Buns, a tale of a gang rape in da hood, in which a group of asexual gangstas molest Pink in the rectum while he realizes he stupidly trapped himself behind a brick wall. He tries to escape with a variety of methods, including calling people outside his wall (Hey You, call me!) and climbing the Wall, he finally snaps and decides that he is Hitler, although in reality he isn't. Eventually, he realizes this and is beset by a series of perverted images including a meat grinder for schoolchildren, a vagina snake thing, and a talking anus, all of which talk in 1337. Eventually, he is driven to the point where he tears down the Wall himself, only to find that the rest of the world has been destroyed by nuclear war and expresses his general surprise with an incredibly boring, redundant song that makes use of That Children's Choir From Earlier and an accordion (Outside the Wall). The famous last word of the album is "Oh", which if you loop it with the first disc forms the phrase "Oh Well". The remastered version however is different, forming the phrase, "Fuck, you must be bored."

Musical Styles[edit]

Pink Floyd was clearly out to create a very impressive album musically, and does so through a variety of musical styles: HXC, Rap, Grunge, Reggae, Jazz, Post-Wagnerian Romanticism, Renaissance, Gospel, A Cappella Choi, Post-Emo NeoGrunge, Discocore, Flugelhorn Quintet, mouth-noise, animal abuse, white noise, and Fish-Slapping, to name a few.

Stage Shows[edit]

Pink Floyd was famous for its extravagant stage shows of this album, more like Broadway Musicals than concerts. An actual wall with exactly 1,778,855,356 bricks would be built on stage and then torn down at the end with a giant wrecking ball that, in one famous incident, killed everyone in the audience and on stage (including the wrecking ball operator) except the members of Pink Floyd, who escaped by moving out of the way in a higher dimension. Giant puppets were also often used, but this was ended when one of them came alive and ate everyone except Pink Floyd, who all hid under a giant carpet which was on stage to represent the rug industry.


The song(s) "Another Brick In The Wall" drew opposition from a sect of the Freemasons, who claimed that the song(s) was (were) degrading to masons and other stoneworkers. No one really cared, though. The Young Women's association also stated that Young Busts drove fourteen small breasted Pink Floyd fans to suicide, but these claims were later proven to be boring.

Fans were also annoyed that the tracks On The Run (Like Hell) and Stay had previously appeared on their hit soundtrack to the Wizard of Oz and on the unsuccessfully soundtrack that went before the first one respectively, and that the band was getting lazy. In response the band said "The album has 27 other original songs! Big fucking deal!". Other people has alleged that the album is the Backwards version of Gummaumma

A spinoff album, Another Dick In The Wall, caused Nuclear War when at a live concert, the band decided to construct a large wall made entirely of penises. It started pissing down and the rest is history.


The song "Another Brick in the Wall" was parodied by Wierd al yankovich on his album Good Hair Day as "A Bag of Chips & a Dog". The song is about how Newt Gingrich is being a greedy bastard & stealing food from schoolkids everywhere. Roger Waters strongly objected to this parody, calling it "disrespectful", "obnoxious", and "seriously not actually that funny man". However, he did not take legal action, and the parody is slowly eroding the fabric of our society.


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Roger Waters unknowingly let a bluegrass band do a cover of the entire album called "Rebuilding the Wall" done as country music. It was appallingly successful. Inspired by the success: Puff Daddy is currently producing a rap cover called "Blowin' Up Tha Fuckin' Wall", Fall Out Boy is rumored to be recording an emo cover called "The Wall Is Putting Me In Pain. Where Is My Razor?", and Danzig's "The Wall From the Far Reaches of Hell That Encompasses Your Useless Soul" is due to be in music stores on Christmas of 2006. In the meantime, all can settle for Juno Reactor's trance rendition "The Acid Wall of Lazarus", featuring samples from Roger Waters' coke induced audience bashing intercut with Stanley Kubrick crying. Also, Roger Waters is still covering The Wall in pretty much any and every concert he performs because, like the Rolling Stones, he hasn't come up with any decent new material in about thirty years.

The Berlin Wall[edit]

Roger recently performed the entire album (Yes, all 45 discs) on top of the berlin wall. After 34 hours, 70 % of the audience was asleep, and those who were awake would do anything to stop it. There were angry fans everywere! On the stage, on the wall, inside the wall, on Roger Waters etc. Guitarist Snowy White sacrificed himself in order to save Roger life. His last words were according to Roger "Go on my friend, and take all my money and my house and my boat when you're at it". The mayor of berlin finally decided to knock the berlin wall down in order to stop the concert, altough almost every bandmamber died and the rest got serious injuries, Roger continued to perfrom. Even though 34 people died, 19 were sent to the hospital, the entire city of berlin banning Pink Floyd music and Rogers fans completely ignoring him, He considered it a succéss. Guest performers included: David Bowie, Bryan Adams, AC/DC, The Who, Britney Spears, Judas Priest, Michael Jackson and MC Hammer. Please note that this is only a small selection of guests.

The concert was released on CD and DVD, and as expected, the sales were very poor. Still, Waters is 100 % sure that everyone liked it and want more. Stupid asshole.

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