The end of the world

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Experts agree the end of the world will be absolutely nothing like this picture

The end of the world will occur at about 7600000000 C.E., although the stubborn theists refuse to accept it. You can also see The worst case scenario, one thing is certain: we are all doomed. We will never last forever.

Is There Anything I Can Do?[edit]

Fortunately, there are plenty of things you can do. None of these things, however, will prevent the world from ending.

  • Prayer (there may be a backlog and therefore a delay in getting a response, however)
  • Duck and cover
  • Dance a festive jig
  • Hijack the Space Shuttle and head for the International Space Station. However, there is only 6 months worth of supplies there. At least you will have a good show before you starve to death.
  • Write an angry letter (there may be a backlog and therefore a delay in getting a response, however)
  • Hump everything that moves
  • Stand very, very still
  • Lick your dog's vagina and/or dick
  • launch a nuke at china
  • rape dora the explora
  • Cover your entire body in duct tape. I MEAN ALL OF IT (yea even the naughty bits). If your lucky this will reflect what ever death beam/ray/lazer/almighty-smiting-force that will destroy the world.

What Will it be Like?[edit]

See (The worst case scenario)

Well, We're Doomed. Now What?[edit]

If you're looking for answers at Uncyclopedia for this sort of thing, it is my sad duty to inform you that you have come to the wrong place. The world is going to end, and however it happens, one thing is certain: it will be terrifying, horribly painful, and be a huge inconvenience.

Everyone is advised to repent now, because after the world ends it's pretty bloody pointless to repent, now isn't it? Choose any diety/prophet/demigod you like, except for Mohammed - he doesn't want to hear your self-absorbed bitching. There are virgins to attend to, you know. If you are an atheist or agnostic, we recommend you find the nearest religious person to you and adopt their beliefs in short order. Researching what religion might be right for you is too time-consuming, and is liable to make you even more panicked than you will be as the world comes to an end.


Why This Way[edit]

Why is it that the end of the world will occur at about 5000000000 C.E., although the stubborn theists refuse to accept it? Because science says so.

See also[edit]

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