The family of Laaf

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The largest family currently inhabiting the Befteling. They look like a mixture of Smurfs and Socialists, but it is also said that they came into being during one of Jan Potter Balkenende's first magic lessons. Because Laven (plural of Laaf) are very reproductive, they quickly grew out to one of the largest families in the whole of the Netherlands. Because of their annoying habit to snore during their sleep (and they sleep a lot) and their tendance to sing annoying songs all day when they're not asleep, they were deported to the small village of the Befteling. Here they would provide a usefull help in the War on Tourism, for they would scare off all the visiting tourists with their singing.

Their family name was introduced by an american tourist, who called them cowards for not fighting him in the open field. This was translated into dutch (laf) by the Laven. First they called themselves 'Laffen', which later evolved to 'Laven'.

The Laven are short in stature, blue in stature, and communist in stature. All follow the religion of Falun Dafa, and as such none live in China. China doesn't like blue people, unless they wear a red star. BLACK FLAG AND A RED STAR! Ahem... Anyway, they have 5 genders, two for cooking, two for having sex, and one entirely dedicated to being irritating to everyone, including themselves and each other. 15 years later, most had committed suicide, and as such there became only 4 official genders.