The mega union

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Everyone's favourite goblin

The Mega Union consists of 2 ultra cool pimptings gangsters and a green goblin who has nothing better to do. And don't forget admiral 'it's a trap' ackbar

“Wow! a real green goblin wow!”

~ Oscar Wilde on The green goblin

The Members[edit]

There are only 4 members - all of which are uber cool!

Two leet gangstas...

And Admiral 'It's A Trap' Ackbar

....Oh yeah and the green goblin with nothing better to do


The chief method of propaganda is the we have cookies method

This method has proved highly effective on bunnies

Other methods include:

- The torture method

- The intimidation method

- The Castration Method

- The spanish inquisiton

- The repeated poking method

- The fluffy cushion method