The most asked question in the universe

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“Why does Tamia even have a singing career?

The most asked question in the universe is 'Are you a Homeowner?'

It is asked by a guy in a modestly priced suit whilst entering from screen right at a funny angle. It is actually inquiring about your home ownership status and not, as is the more commonly held belief, the status of your sexual orientation.

Apparently you can sort out your financial problems by taking out a loan and getting more in debt. This problem actually gave Wittgenstein an aneurism but it is of no real consequence as he was saved last minute Hollywood-style by Doctor House. He later died anyway.

It's also the reason that the mathmatician in Pi stuck a drill in his head. Although some academics argue that this was due to too many DIY shows on telly. Both reasons are terrifying.

This question was also a topic of conversation at Jesus' and his 'life partner' Nietzche's 'No idea' party, the kind of party where people ask "who's party is this?" and everybody says "No idea", and Nietzche walks around behind everybody with a feather duster cleaning up.

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