The possible lovechild of Mark Twain and Oscar Wilde

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The infamous lovechild of Mark Twain and Oscar Wilde.

This guy is the infamous lovechild of Mark Twain and Oscar Wilde. He is one bad mother fucker. He was born in 1869 at the base of Condom Canyon. Nobody is 100% sure what his real name is; but some say that his name is Greg. He is currently training to become a Jesii, in order to take over the world, but he hasn't made much progress. Greg (we'll just call him Greg) became one of the 237 drummers in the popular band Slipknot after he was able to take a fang from the legendary beast, Marilyn Manson. As a result of this adventure he ran afoul of The League of Extraordinary Grandmas, an evil terra-ist organization. The Grandmas issued a fatwah and put him at the top of their bounty list. Greg has narrowly escaped their clutches numerous times and is continuously on the run.

Greg is a very mysterious and powerful guy. Some people claim that he can squirt chocolate milk out of his eyes and can turn pencil shavings into weed. None of which have been proven though. Greg enjoys pastimes such a golf, dry masturbation, kitten huffing, and takes great pleasure in hating your face. He is a great friend and admirer of Cecil.

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