Theories of Human Demise

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Four theories about the future of the human species. Together these volumes contain approximately 400 billion pages and cannot be read at the same time unless you really want to unleash 4 Billion Year Blizzard of Poisonous Scorpions. In a nutshell the four theories speak thusly:

1. Humans after opening their own universal restaurant chain, end up selling themselves into slavery to themselves, which, as everyone knows, is a simply Foolish Proposition.

2. They will suddenly implode after figuring out the true theorem of the universe which negates the possibility of their own existence.

3. They will overdose on episodes of Silver Spoons. Alternatively, they will forget to overdose on episodes of Silver Spoons, and overdose on sporks instead.

4. At once or not at all those theories will occur. Such sayeth Yoda the Wise.


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