Thirty Year Rule

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Also known as the Thirty Year Law, a statute devised by the British government in 1923, stating, in its simplest form, that the government is empowered to do anything it wants to any member of the public, as long as it waits thirty years before doing so. The law is based on the well documented fact that all people are willing to do anything in return for almost nothing, as long as the reward is instant and the demeaning, painful and often fatal penance is far enough in the future.

Most recently the Thirty Year Law was used to sanction the amputation of both of Tom Jones' legs, now due to take place in 2020. Jones is said to be hiding in America until it blows over, currently due to take place in 2024.

Although regarded by many as an abuse of power, life expectancy in Britain can be as low as 26, and the law has yet to have much effect on everyday folk.