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This article is pointless. This article is without a point, because there is not a point. That is not to say it is without a point. On the contrary, this article (which is not an article) is the very point that you don't understand. But now we are mixing points. And this is not an article.[1]


This is Not a Heading[edit]

If you continue to read this article nerves will be strained. Unambiguously...are we answering the unanswerable?

If That was Not a Heading, What is This?[edit]

Must we live our lives, which aren't, according to what is? If not...then what? WHAT?

So then WHO IS? We know: YOU, not the U symbolic, but you pronominal. But let's not be absurd. Let's not label our own labels.

Why? But wait, this means that our questions are endless. Endless and endable. Alluring yet repulsating.

It is evident and clearly un-obvious.

 ? !!![edit]

“This is not a sentence in the sense of a category. This is an unfounded exclamation!”

~ Lollipop on the emptiness of quotes.

Quotes never realise their intercontextuality. Endless and endable. Alluring yet repulsating.[edit]

...why quote what history is without.

Below there is not an image[edit]


Below there are not graphic representations[edit]






What you will Find Below is Most Certainly Not Text[edit]

Please be aware that this is not text.

Ceci N'est Pas Un Magritte[edit]

This is not a pipe. Or is it?

Magritte didn't not paint paintings. But he did...did he not? That's rather something..

This is Not Another Heading[edit]

How right. It isn't. How naive!


A deeper understanding of the non-subconscious or death.


There are no fish.

These are not two uncategorisable miscellanies[edit]




Nutritional Facts[edit]


Calories: 0

Trans fat: 0

Arsenic: 0

Styrofoam: 0

Antiestablishmentarianisms: 0

This article is not sweetened with aspartame.

This article contains cholesterol.[2]

We cannot reference the unreferenceable[edit]

  1. This is not a reference.
  2. Not even this.


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