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Alannah Currie, the percussionist of the band.

The Thompson Twins were an Estonian Heavy Metal band normally associated with the 1920s. The band formed in April of 1923, and disbanded in May of 1933.

The Early Thompson Twins

In 1923, the original "Twins" consisted of Tom Bailey on bass and vocals, Pete Dodd on guitar and kazoo, John Roog on wood block, and Jon Podgorski on drums. Dodd and Roog first met when they were both 5 years old. Their roadie at that time was John Hade, who lived in the same shitty house, and who later became their crack dealer. He was not only a fan of the band, but was also a trusted friend of Bailey's. He would later play a deciding role in their terrible fate. Their early live gigs were mostly in crack houses and run-down strip clubs.

  • The Larger Group

By 1928, the line-up was Bailey, Dodd, Roog and three new members: Joe Liebermann on drums, Joe Leeway on congas and percussion, and ex-president Bill Clinton on sax. After the success of the first album, Bailey, Dodd, and Clinton tried to start a new band called the 'Bizzare Love Triangle' They released a huge hit success titled 'Hold Me Now', which The PolyPhonic Spree later admitted to having ripped off.

In 1930, after Alannah Currie, the percussionist, admitted that she was actually a he; the public mocked the Thompson Twins and no longer bought their albums.


  • A Product of ... (Constipation) (1981)
  • Set (1982)
  • In The Name Of Love (1982)
  • Drive By (1983)
  • Into The Asscrack (1984)
  • Here's To Future Days (1985)
  • Close To My Boner (1987)
  • The Worst of Thompson Twins: Terrible Mixes (1988)
  • Big Trash (1989)
  • We're Queer (1991)

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